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JetTabs Overview

JetTabs Overview

JetTabs is a content organization plugin for Elementor, offering compact layout variations. Its widgets can be used to add vertical/horizontal tabs, classic and image accordions, and switchers to website sections and blocks.

Classic Accordion Widget

Classic Accordion is a widget for Elementor which helps to organize content items into expandable accordion blocks. It can pull data from custom fields via Dynamic Tag functionality and output the item’s title. The widget mainly displays text and active icons when the accordion is expanded or collapsed. It is possible to customize the accordion container and the content inside. In addition, you can apply the desired show effect and use Elementor-built templates.

Image Accordion Widget

Image Accordion is a JetTabs widget for Elementor that allows showcasing images in the form of expandable accordion blocks. It is possible to add a custom number of items, set active icons, and choose the preferred animation type and image orientation. You can provide a description, add a Learn More button and enter a redirect URL. Image Accordion settings let you customize every picture’s height and width, text styles, container appearance, and more.

Switcher Widget

Switcher Widget helps to compare two different content sections within one block. It is accessible from the Elementor side panel. Using a switcher, it is possible to compare prices, images, posts, and other content. The widget adds a navigation toggle, which allows switching between two previously created Elementor templates. You can apply the desired animation effect, customize the widget content, and use style settings to highlight the differences between items.

Tabs Widget

A tab is a UI element allowing you to navigate between multiple subsections within one content block. Tabs Widget from the JetBlog plugin can be used to add well-structured tabs to Elementor-built website pages. There are two tabs layouts available, horizontal and vertical. You can place different content into tabs, including images, texts, and icons. JetTabs supports dynamic content, so the Tabs widget can pull data from custom fields and use it for tabs labels.

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