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JetTricks Overview

JetTricks Overview

JetTricks is a visual effects plugin for Elementor which allows you to add interactivity to website content and sections. Use its widgets and extensions to create visually compelling designs and interactive elements.

Hotspots Widget

Hotspots Widget from the JetTricks inventory will help you create interactive images by adding markers to certain parts of the image. Hotspots can highlight relevant information and help to direct users’ attention where necessary. The widget can be found in the Elementor side panel. You can add a custom number of hotspots to the image, adjust their texts and animation, add custom links, and set each element’s position. Hotspots Widget helps to make mobile-responsive images.

Tooltip Widget

A tooltip is a graphical user interface that shows additional text on click or hover. Tooltip Widget is a JetTricks widget allowing you to add tooltips to different website images. The widget is accessible from the Elementor widget panel. Using tooltips, it is possible to add contextual information about products and services. Tooltip Widget allows you to customize the element’s text, animation, placement, motion effects, offset, Z-index, distance, etc. Style settings are available, too.

Unfold Widget

Unfold Widget for Elementor is meant to optimize the content output and preview. It helps to present the text compactly and makes the content section foldable and, therefore, interactive. It is possible to embed text and media and use a previously created template for the Unfold. You can configure the content area dimensions, animation type, speed, icons, and button text. Style settings for the widget embrace the container, separator, content itself, and button.

Read More Widget

Read More Widget from the JetTricks inventory helps to give out website content incrementally as soon as the Read More button is clicked. The widget is suitable for product archives and singles, blog pages, and single posts. To make it work, you need to set unique IDs to content sections and choose how to show them. You can set the desired animation effect and display mode and style the button. Find the Read More Widget in the Elementor side panel.

JetTricks Extensions

There are four more widgets in the JetTricks plugin, collectively called Extensions. They are Sticky Column, Satellite, Parallax, and Particles. Each widget adds a particular effect, like adding floating particles to the background or making the entire website section sticky. The Parallax widget helps to create movable content sections, and the Satellite widget turns boring headings into creative ones using images, icons, and colorful background layers. All Extensions are available in the Elementor sidebar. You can customize each freely.

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