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JetWooBuilder Overview

JetWooBuilder Overview

JetWooBuilder is a dynamic eCommerce plugin for Elementor. Using its features, one can build custom page templates like cart, checkout, account, etc., showcase WooCommerce products using multiple widgets, and query them, too.

Taxonomy Tiles Widget

Taxonomy Tiles is a JetWooBuilder widget for Elementor page builder, allowing you to output WooCommerce product categories and tags in the form of clickable tiles. The widget is suitable for the home page, as it helps to filter the product range by certain criteria. It is possible to hide empty tags/categories, limit the title and description’s length, show product count, order the tiles, exclude a particular taxonomy from tiles, apply style settings, and more.

Categories Grid Widget

Categories Grid is a content layout widget for Elementor. The widget fetches data from WooCommerce products, and it is imperative to have categories, product descriptions, and thumbnails inside. You can choose the desired preset for the category grid; it will make product descriptions appear in different spots. Categories Grid Widget is flexible enough to configure the number of columns and categories, show, order, and sort products by multiple parameters, customize the featured image and use the carousel mode.

Products Grid Widget Overview

Products Grid is a widget for Elementor, which helps you create product grids and use a carousel to output WooCommerce products. The widget uses presets and custom archive templates. It embraces a large number of settings, which allow you to customize the way a product grid will look. You can set the desired number of columns and products to be displayed, order products by certain parameters, make product items clickable, enable quick view, and more.

Single Rating Widget

Products List Widget

Product List is a widget for Elementor editor, which allows displaying WooCommerce products as a list. The widget helps to create a custom list layout offering many settings and customization options. Using the Products List widget, you can make the product items clickable, output product attributes like price, stock status, and SKU, enable quick view, product count, add to cart button, etc. It is possible to order products how you like and set how many will be shown at once.

Page Templates

JetWooBuilder offers a page-building functionality called Woo Page Builder. Using it, it is possible to create custom templates for a WooCommerce store, such as Shop, Cart, Checkout, Account, and Thank You pages. Each page template has a list of dedicated widgets, using which you can display the needed data from custom fields. Additionally, the plugin allows configuring where the page templates will be visible and checking whether the template is active or not.

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