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WordPress Plugin for Creating Custom Mega Menu

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This plugin is working with Elementor editor
This plugin is working with Gutenberg block editor
mega menu wordpress plugin for web and mobile

What's New

Updated SEO and accessibility

Made the menus accessible and optimized for search engines


Elementor Mobile Render preview

Enjoy the improved Elementor editor mobile render preview


Page Scroll

Fixed the disabled page scroll when the Hamburger widget is active


Add Different Content
to WordPress Custom Menu


Call attention to your coolest shop offers. Enrich the WordPress mega menu with product categories, most-wanted items at a discount, catchy clearance banners, etc.

shop mega menu layout

Add interactive elements

Organise your site content by adding images, icons, maps or any other Elementor widget to your navigation.

Use with your existing theme

Substitute the current WP mega menu or output custom menus with a widget widget or block.

Easy Drag & Drop editing

Build mega menu layouts visually using the familiar Elementor sidebar and WordPress panel.

Discover Menu Layouts

Horizontal Menu

Position main menu items side-by-side and show subitems in a horizontal dropdown.

horizontal navigation menu layout

Vertical Menu

Display top-level menu items as a vertical sidebar and put subitems in a slide-out.

vertical mega menu layout

Hamburger Menu

Place the entire menu structure into a compact hamburger panel and choose a custom icon for open/close states.

hamburger navigation menu layout

Check the menu demos

Follow the links below to try out different mega menu layouts – vertical, horizontal, and hamburger. See them in different page builders.

Multiple menus

Build two separate menus for mobile, desktop, and tablets & style them differently.

Roll Up menu

Roll up the horizontal menu items outside the menu container and show custom text/icon instead.


Select the needed viewport width and watch the menu layout switch from horizontal/vertical to dropdown.


Set the desired animation effect for the submenu and mega menu.

Menu positioning

Arrange the main menu items neatly in the left sidebar, header area, or a compact hamburger panel.

Be consistent. Mobile First

desktop independent mobile menu

Desktop-independent mobile menu

Extend the mobile mega menu

Use the WordPress menu plugin to display the needed content in the header/footer. Show Breadcrumbs for better navigation.

Select the animation layout

Decide how the WordPress hamburger menu will appear – slide out, drop down, or push the website content down.

Make the mobile menu unique

Showcase different menu items for desktop and mobile and add mobile-friendly content to each.

Discover Essential Styling Options


Select and apply a default/custom SVG icon for each
and every menu item.

menu items icons


Apply item badges to highlight bestsellers, discounts,
and items on sale.

menu items badges


Create a unique mega menu style with favorite fonts
and proper formatting.

menu typography customization


Adjust margin and padding settings for every menu
item individually.

responsive menu

Useful settings

Mobile first

Build a mobile-oriented mega menu that can quickly adapt to the intended screen size.

Speed optimization

Roll the style settings back to default whenever necessary and use caching for Elementor templates and menu CSS.

Multiple layouts

Visualize the same mega menu in three different layouts – vertical, horizontal, and dropdown.

Preset manager

Save all the style settings. Create and keep different presets to be used for multiple menus.

Export & Import options

Save the custom main & conditional settings. Export the menu settings and apply them to separate projects later.

Well documented

Detailed guides, video tutorials, and blog articles got you covered on every step of the menu creation journey.

Discover Menu Blocks and Widgets

Elementor Widgets

Gutenberg Blocks

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