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WordPress Popup builder for Elementor and

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$22 per
This plugin is working with
Elementor editor
This plugin is working with
Gutenberg block editor
different elementor pop up layouts from jetpopup

What's New

Block Editor compatibility

Enjoy JetPopup functionality in the WordPress Block editor


Preset library for Block Editor

Choose a ready-made pop-up from the preset library


Condition Manager redesign

Enjoy new UX for facile condition management


You'll love JetPopup plugin for Elementor

is drag & drop

You are able to use Elementor widgets to create the needed layout and add content to it.

You can play with popup triggers

Choose the events, set timers and dates when the popup blocks are about to appear on the page.

Any popup can be animated

Catch even more attention. Apply one of the existing animation effects to the popup windows.

No need to build everything from scratch

Instead, just choose from a variety of popup presets. Countdown, discount, sale, subscribe: JetPopup has it all.

Decide when your popups will appear on a page

On opening

Make the popup window show up when page opens to deliver information about:

  • Ongoing sales and discounts
  • Latest news & publications
  • Changes in Policy

User try exit

Allow the popup to appear when the visitor wants to close the page to display:

  • Sign up form
  • Special offer
  • Yes/No form

Page progress scrolling

Add a popup window to the page to be displayed when one scrolls the page to add:

  • Basic advices on using the site or service
  • Offer for subscription
  • Social sharing links

Attached to widget

Set the popup for specific Elementor widget to appear on click, scroll or page load to display:

  • Contact information
  • Links to social media
  • Any other content

User inactive time

Make the popup window appear when the visitor has already spent some time on the page to add:

  • Sign up form
  • Yes/No form
  • Advertising banners

On set date

Set the specific date when the popup will start appearing on the site to inform about:

  • The launch of your project
  • Discounted prices
  • Special events or holiday
jetpopup image conditions

Include & exclude conditions

Display popups according to your needs only for the specific pages, using multiple conditions.

  • Include pages and page templates

  • Exclude specific pages or post types

  • Mix and match conditions

Define how much attention do you want
to grab with animation effects


Zoom In

Zoom Out

Move Up

Bounce In

Bounce Out

Slide Up

Slide Down

Slide Left

Slide Right

Horizontal Flip

Vertical Flip


Decide how your popups
will appear on a page

jetpopup classic
jetpopup slide in
Slide In
jetpopup bar
jetpopup bordering
jetpopup full view
Full View
jetpopup custom

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30 days money-back guarantee

Custom subscription
Subscription price for 1 website only. For more choose the Unlimited websites in the cart.
$22 per

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