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WordPress Plugin for Reviews and Comments

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$22 per
This plugin is working with Elementor editor
This plugin is working with Gutenberg block editor
dynamic reviews and comments system for WordPress

What's New

Block Editor

Enjoy reviews and comments functionality in the WordPress Block editor


Automated email notifications

Send notifications about new reviews/comments to the admin email


Advanced WooCommerce category

Convert Woo product reviews and comments into JetReviews items


Adjust Reviews to Suit Any Project

Create different review types
for any desired CPT

JetReviews works great with any post type. Feel free to create the needed review types, edit the review fields in a neat pop-up window, and assign the review types to various posts and pages.

Make review structures unique by mixing field types
Apply reviews to posts, pages, products, events, orders, etc.
Add static and dynamic review blocks to the page to showcase related feedback
View demo
user review about a hotel room

Show dynamic rates for
WooCommerce projects

Want to implement reviews and comments on a WooCommerce website? JetReviews is the right fit for the job. Add corresponding sections to product pages and set the optimal rating scale values.

Show reviews written by real users, their data, and relevant stats
Place the star rating scales on the single product page
Import product native reviews and comments to form JetReviews items
Filter product posts by rating data and sync it between old and new posts
reviews section for WooCommerce projects

Deepen Audience Engagement

star-rating scale on host and apartment pages

Expanded product specs

Create a tell-all rating system for each product/service you offer and let users rate them by the pre-defined criteria.

total star rating and host’s rating

Visible average stats

Decompose any post type to highlight its total reviews, review and post’s average ratings, and all reviews’ ranking.

stars, emojis, percentages rating scales

Multiple rating scales

Stick to a rating system you prefer and display user reviews as stars, points, or percent.

reviews listing

Reviews listings

Create a custom layout and output reviews and comments as a JetEngine Listing.

likes and dislikes counter

Reply to reviews and comments

Enable website users to interact by leaving comments on the reviews and replying to comments left by others.

leave a comment form

Streamlined voting

Bring Likes/Dislikes into play and let the Guests change their Like to Dislike and vice versa anytime they want.

Make Leaving Feedback Trouble-Free and Secure

Adjust review submissions and

Use the JetReviews potential to the fullest – configure author verification and review transparency settings. Advanced refinements cover the data fetching and front-end rendering.

Add required fields and reCAPTCHA v3 to avoid incognito reviews
Build custom queries fetch JetReviews items from the database
Assign author verification types like Guest, Customer, and Shop Manager
Structure the Review Listing data rendering by the selected data type
author verification by roles and recaptcha

Moderate Via Clean Dashboard

jetreviews plugin dashboard

Comment & Review Lists

All submitted reviews, comments, and replies are shown as a detailed list. You can approve the items, edit them, undo approval, or delete them permanently.

Review Stats

Go to the clear-cut statistics dashboard whenever you need a full visualization of your ratings, reviews, and comments.

Admin notifications

Notify the site admin about new reviews and comments by email. Include action links to it for the admin to approve/delete items in one click.

Custom behavior conditions

Let users leave, upvote or downvote both reviews and comments while you stand guard over the published content.

Allowed Roles

Decide who you want to leave reviews and comments – Author, Administrator, Editor, Contributor, Subscriber, Customer, Shop manager, or even Guest.

Prohibited words checkup

Whenever a review/comment text contains words you marked as prohibited, such items will be automatically not approved.

Browse Crocoblock-Powered Live Demos

dynamic reviews for woocommerce shop

WooCommerce shop

Build a stylish WooCommerce shop template to sell trendy garments.

The core:

  • Dynamic single product reviews

  • 5-star rating scale

  • Active commenting system

  • Automatic average rating calculation

  • Likes/dislikes counter

View demo

Additional Features

No website slowdown

All data are stored in custom DB tables and subject to a custom query system, which saves resources and doesn’t weigh down your site.

Responsive layout

Use Elementor to create a 100% responsive layout for all reviews, so they are displayed flawlessly on every screen of every size.

Elementor-based styling

Style up every review item you fancy – from rating scales and icons to colors, padding, label texts, typography, item gaps, and more.

Pick a Suitable Widget to Output Reviews

Choose which JetReviews widget meets your marketing goals best. Reviews Listing creates interactive
feedback sections, while Static Review shows reviews for reference only.

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Custom subscription
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$22 per

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