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Filters Do Not Work on the Category Page

Filters Do Not Work on the Category Page


How to make filters based on a category work on the Category Page?


The filters based on a category can not work on the Category Page, as they check the page URL and know that you work on that specific category page.

There is no possibility to display products from other categories on a particular category page. The page created for a specific category is not supposed to show products unrelated to it. 

Despite that, you can create other filters that will work on the Product Category Page. The filter can be based on product tags, for instance. 

To add a new filter, go to JetSmartFilters > Add New. Let’s create a Checkboxes Filter.

checkbox filter settings

Click on the “Publish” button. Adjust the filter to the Category Page.

checkboxes filter elementor settings

After all the customizations, update the page and check the changes on the front-end.

filter based on product tags

The Checkbox Filter based on Product Tags is ready. Apply other filters to the category page to make it more convenient for users.

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