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Cannot Make the Submenu Full Width in the Mega Menu

Cannot Make the Submenu Full Width in the Mega Menu


Cannot make the Mega Menu submenu full width


  1. Proceed to the WordPress Dashboard.

  2. Go to the Appearance tab and click Menus.

  3. Select a required menu, hover over the desired menu item, and click the JetMenu label.

    Hovered Menu Item in the WordPress Dashboard
  4. Once the window pops up, change over to the Mega Content tab and click the Edit Mega Menu Item Content button.

    Mega Menu item content window pops up
  5. Editing in Elementor.

    In the Elementor Page builder, click the needed section, proceed to the Layout settings and choose the “Full Width” option for Content Width. Save the changes.

    Elementor page builder editing the Section Content Width
  6. Go back to the WordPress Dashboard.

    Proceed to the JetPlugins tab. Here, click the JetMenu Settings.

  7. Click the Desktop Menu tab.

    Find the Mega menu base width field and choose the “Width same as custom CSS selector width” option. Below, enter the CSS selector body.

JetMenu Desktop menu settings
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