HotSpot Widget for Elementor

Add attractively-looking markers and style them up easily with Hotspots from JetTricks plugin, allowing to underscore the information you consider noteworthy

Be creative

Use Elementor HotSpot Widget for all Types of Projects

Hotspot Everything!

Tag locations, eCommerce products, people, objects, you name it! HotSpots are perfect for user onboarding and when you want to offer more info to visitors without interrupting their website journey.


How to Create a Responsive Image with HotSpots

Choose an Image. Add Hotspots and Tooltips

Decide what image to apply, how many hotspots to place on it, what content to display in the description and what links to attach. Each image will be responsive by default, so no worries - it will look good across all devices.

Customize Tooltips and Apply Animation

Tooltips are perfect for adding more contextual information. Find the best way to display them. Top, bottom, right or left and simply choose the way for showcasing and needed animation effect.

Design Hotspots Using Dozens of Style Settings

It is time to play with shapes, fonts, and colors. Style up tooltips and hotspots according to your vision to make them even more attractive.

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How to customize HotSpots for Elementor