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Unfold Widget

Make your page interactive and keep it neat at the same time with the Elementor Unfold widget.

creative title The motto for Hogwards. Meaning: “Never tickle a sleeping dragon”. Hogwarts is the sleeping dragon. Its purpose is to educate and train the wizards of tomorrow. It is of no threat to anyone. Unless you piss it off. Like Voldemort did :)

Be creative

Use Elementor Unfold widget in your next project

Just unfold it!

With Elementor Unfold effect you accomplish two tasks: displaying the content concisely and interacting with the visitor. Feel free to add massive content and improve its preview. So that your visitor will see the products with all the details, promo codes or any other useful information. When it comes to any other sort of data - just unfold it.


Tune your Elementor Unfold widget

Play with basic settings

Set the content area dimension, speed, and the animation type, pick the icons and adjust the button text of the Unfold widget. Play with the styles of its two states - Unfold and Fold - to get the catchy effect!

Add any content type

Embed text and media in your Unfold widget right out of the box. Get to the next level while working with the templates. Just select the needed template and use any Elementor widget with your Unfold.

Make it look awesome

Style up any part of the Unfold widget: container, separator, content itself and Unfold button. Add background and shadow, set space before and after the content, adjust the elements’ borders, customize every tiny element for “Unfold” and “Fold” positions.

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