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10 Awesome One-Page WordPress Themes
Lana Miro
WordPress Digital Marketer
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10 Awesome One-Page WordPress Themes

Are you thinking of creating a one-page website? If so, you have come to the right place, as here I will be looking at some awesome one-page WordPress themes. These themes can give you a stunning one-page website without spending ages designing it yourself or paying a web designer, saving you lots of time and money. 

Let’s dive in and look at these one-page WordPress themes.

Should You Opt for a Single-Page Website?

Although traditionally, websites have tended to have multiple pages, they have a downside. With many different menu items to choose from, visitors can become distracted, making it difficult to keep their attention and get your message across.

With a single-page website, you can keep people focused on the message you are trying to get across to them. They must keep scrolling down rather than clicking between different pages to find out more.

Also, having all your content on one page can cause you to limit the amount of content. This can be good when targeting younger visitors and those on mobile devices – which is Google’s focus these days. 

10 Awesome One Page WordPress Themes

Thankfully, you don’t need to design a single-page website from scratch, as plenty of great one-page WordPress themes will give you an awesome-looking website without requiring any web development skills.


🏆 Best for marketers and professionals.

Avada wordpress theme

Avada is not just a WordPress theme but an all-in-one website builder. It has 88 pre-built websites you can use as your starting point with its live visual builder. This makes it ideal for making professional-looking websites without technical web development knowledge. 

A great example of a website built with Avada is Pump Fitness. Another good example is British comedian Russell Brand’s website.

Key features:

  • live visual builder;
  • 88 pre-built websites included;
  • 120+ design elements;
  • mobile friendly;
  • dynamic content;
  • online store builder.

Pricing: $60.


  • plenty of options for adding almost any element to your website, even for non-technical people;
  • fast loading;
  • fully responsive;
  • many demos you can easily set up to get you started right away;
  • advanced WooCommerce customization.


  • No free version.
  • The theme is tied to its plugin and is shortcode based, so if you ever want to change to a different WordPress theme, you will need to rebuild your website.

Hestia Pro

🏆 Best for online stores or portfolios.

Hestia wp theme

Hestia is a good option for those wanting an attractive front page to their website that showcases their main products. It would work well for an online store or portfolio, where you want to grab people’s attention as soon as they land on your site’s front page. 

Hestia comes with several built-in demo sites you can use as starting points, for example, WooCommerce online store. If you want a real live example of Hestia, check out the Egham Museum website.

Key features:

  • responsive;
  • compatible with drag-and-drop page builders;
  • shop section;
  • portfolio.

Pricing: Free or Pro version for $69.


  • good customization options;
  • live editing;
  • works well with Elementor.


  • It doesn’t contain as many pre-built templates as some other themes.
  • Front page text editing could be improved.


🏆 Best for landing pages.

Seedprod wp theme

SeedProd is an excellent WordPress theme purpose-built for creating landing pages. If you want to create a one-page website for advertising a product or service, SeedProd is perfect for that. For example, here are two great examples that are focused on getting email addresses:

So, if your primary skillset is marketing, and you want to create a professional landing page without learning any technical web development, SeedProd is worth a look. It’s just a shame it doesn’t have a free version.

Key features:

  • drag and drop page builder;
  • 80 pro blocks;
  • pre-built themes;
  • landing page templates;
  • responsive and mobile ready;
  • SEO optimized.

Pricing: $39.50 to $239.60 per year.


  • easy to use – ideal for beginners;
  • wide range of awesome-looking landing page templates;
  • ready-made page sections, color palettes, and fonts;
  • easy point-and-click customization;
  • premium email integrations such as Aweber, Constant Contact, Get Response, and more.


  • No free version.


🏆 Best for business websites.

metricon wp template

Metricon is a WordPress design template to use if you want to build a professional-looking business website quickly. It comes with a complete set of pre-defined sections for you to choose from, with a highly customizable modular structure, and you can change the header and footer templates with just one click. Click here for a demo site made using Metricon.

Key features:

  • complete set of pre-defined sections to choose from;
  • able to change header and footer templates with one click;
  • highly customizable modular structure.

Pricing: $199 to $399 per year or $750 to 999 one time.


  • ultra-fast installation;
  • professional support;
  • 20k user community.


  • No free version.

Themify Ultra

🏆 Best for online stores or portfolios.

Themify Ultra is a high-quality WordPress theme that is very stable. If you don’t want to start from scratch, it comes with pre-made websites that you can modify, or you can start with one of the 60+ pre-designed layouts. 

Themify Ultra is ideal for online stores or portfolios. For example, here is an example of a bakery website and an artist portfolio.

Key features:

  • 12 bonus builder add-ons: Countdown, Progress Bar, Counter, Contact, WooCommerge, Timeline, Image Pro, Typewriter, Maps Pro, Pricing Table, Slider Pro, Audio;
  • 60+ pre-designed layouts;
  • section scrolling;
  • mega menu;
  • image filters;
  • portfolio;
  • WooCommerge shop.

Pricing: $59 to $89.


  • wide range of pre-designed layouts;
  • smart layout – you can either have the same layout for the whole website or a different layout for one page;
  • sections scrolling allows visitors to scroll through entire sections rather than scrolling the usual way;
  • drag-and-drop page builder makes it easy to create custom page designs.


  • No free version.


🏆 Best for corporate events.

arnau wordpress template

Arnau is a perfect one-page WordPress template for advertising corporate events. You can easily create a very eye-catching single-page site with all the images, event information, and prices. Click here for a demonstration site built with Arnau.

Key features:

  • pre-designed sections to choose from;
  • edit change header and footer templates with one click;
  • customizable modular structure.

Pricing: $199 to $399 per year or $750 to 999 one time.


  • fast installation;
  • professional support;
  • 20k user community.


  • No free version


🏆 Best for online stores or services.

oceanwp free theme

OceanWP is a popular WordPress theme with a lot of awesome functionality straight out of the box. It can be further enhanced with various plugins – both free and paid. 

OceanWP is ideal for an online store or to advertise your services. Here are some example demo sites:

It’s just a shame that the free version won’t give you the full functionality that OceanWP is capable of. All free demo layouts require you to pay for a premium plugin. So, you can’t make full use of OceanWP for free. 

Key features:

  • 220+ full-site demos to start from;
  • custom sections and page layouts;
  • seven customizable header styles;
  • 3 mobile style menus;
  • seamless WooCommerce integration;
  • integrates with page builders such as Elementor.

Pricing: Free or Premium for $38 to $79 per year or $155 to $318 once.


  • high-quality demo sites;
  • fast and lightweight;
  • highly customizable;
  • both beginner and developer friendly;
  • fully responsive.


  • The free version is somewhat limited.

We Impress

🏆 Best for business sites.

we impress conference template

We Impress a perfect WordPress theme for a business website. Without technical website development knowledge, you can easily create a professional website that looks like a highly-paid web designer made it. Click here to view a demo site built with We Impress.

Key features:

  • highly customizable modular structure;
  • complete set of pre-defined sections to choose from;
  • able to change header and footer templates with one click.

Pricing: $199 to $399 per year or $750 to 999 one time.


  • attractive design;
  • chat, ticket, and video support available;
  • 20k user community.


  • No free version.

Total Theme

🏆 Best for business sites, online stores, or portfolios.

total one page wp theme

It’s easy to see why this WordPress theme is called Total. It’s a great all-purpose theme that you can use to create most types of websites. It has a good range of ready-made demo sites to give you a solid starting point to customize. 

It integrates with WooCommerce, making it ideal for an online store. Click here to see a demo online store. But you can also create a professional website for your business, as seen in this example.

Key features:

  • 50+ pre-made demo sites;
  • 100+ builder elements;
  • 90+ section templates;
  • drag and drop builder;
  • responsive design;
  • WooCommerce integration;
  • event calendar;
  • rich contact forms;
  • MailChimp integration.

Pricing: $29.


  • both front end and backend editing;
  • easy to customize;
  • many customizable options;
  • SEO optimized;
  • coded for optimum speed.


  • No free version.


🏆 Best for business sites, online stores, or landing pages.

jevelin wp theme

Jevelin is a versatile WordPress theme and comes with over 40 pre-built demo sites you can use as your starting point for your professional-looking website. It can be used to create many different websites, but it is perfect for business sites, online stores, and landing pages. 

Here are some example demonstration sites:

Key features:

  • 40+ pre-built demo sites to start from;
  • integrates with WooCommerce;
  • live drag and drop builder;
  • 100+ pre-built elements;
  • fully mobile responsive.

Pricing: $59.


  • demo sites are easy to install;
  • easy for beginners to create professional websites;
  • highly customizable.


  • No free version.


What is a one-page website?

By its strictest definition, a one-page website is a website that only has one page. All information is presented on that single page, and the visitor must scroll down to read all the information. However, this definition can be expanded somewhat to include websites with more than one page, but where the design is such that it is heavily focused on the front page, with lots of information for visitors to scroll through.

Is a one-page website good?

One-page websites are great for situations where you don’t want to give your visitors many options. For example, a landing page where you try to persuade visitors to sign up for an event or join your mailing list. 

How do I make my WordPress site one page?

While you can create a one-page website with most WordPress themes, the best way is to use one of the one-page WordPress themes listed above. You will have a professional-looking website if you use one of those themes.

How do I make an Elementor one-page website?

You can create a one-page website with Elementor. Install the Elementor page builder template and customize the homepage via this plugin.

Which is the Best One-Page WordPress Theme for You?

All of the WordPress themes mentioned above will give you a professional-looking website. Of course, which one you choose depends on what you want to use it for. 

For example, if you are a marketer or professional, Avada is a good choice for $60. 

However, if you want to get started with an online store or portfolio for free, the freemium version of Hestia is worth a look, and you can always upgrade to the Pro version if you need the extra features. 

If landing pages are what you are after, SeedProd is probably the best you will find, but it could cost you a lot if you want all the features. Another great theme for landing pages is Jevelin. 

On the other hand, Arnau is probably the best you will find if you want to advertise corporate events

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