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7 Best WordPress Calculator Plugins (2024)
Helena Ivanova
Technical content writer
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7 Best WordPress Calculator Plugins (2024)

The websites where users can interact with tools and get more precise information about the services or goods they are interested in are definitely winners. Clients spend more time there and remember the brand better, and Google also notices that users spend more time on certain pages. Calculators are one of the tools that provide such interactions

Whether you’re seeking a straightforward price calculator, mortgage estimator, or robust quote generator, there’s a WordPress calculator plugin designed to elevate your website’s capabilities. In this article, we’ll explore the top seven WordPress calculator plugins, each tailored to enhance the core functionality of your site.

Table of Contents

JetFormBuilder (Free)

🏆 Best for highly dynamic sites and Pro developers.

JetFormBuilder WordPress plugin

Using this plugin, you can not only create advanced forms with static and dynamic data, conditional fields, multi-step forms, and checkout functionality but also add a calculated field that supports simple and advanced math calculations.  

Key features:

  • supports dynamic data sources and calculations with hidden fields;
  • supports conditional formulas;
  • you can apply advanced math calculations;
  • offers smooth integration with all Crocoblock plugins to extend each other’s functionality (JetEngine, JetAppointment, JetBooking, etc.);
  • it uses Gutenberg blocks for creating forms but can also be styled in Elementor on its own widget.

Pricing: free. Premium add-ons cost from $39/year per 1 site. 


  • the plugin is very feature-rich;
  • calculated fields can be combined, work with conditional formulas and advance math calculations;
  • WooCommerce, PayPal, and Stripe support to charge clients if needed;
  • integration with powerful Crocoblock plugins;
  • most of the functionality is provided in a free version.  

Cons: it has a learning curve.

Calculated Fields Form (Freemium)

🏆 Best for basic calculations.

Calculator plugin WordPress

This plugin can be a go-to tool for many industries. It comes with five pre-built forms and all the necessary fields for creating custom ones. 

Key features:

  • the plugin offers five pre-built forms: simple, date-related, lease, pregnancy, and ideal weight calculators;
  • it’s a very beginner-friendly plugin;
  • more advanced features can be found in a premium version.

Pricing: free, $49-$149 Lifetime, depending on the functionality you need. 


  • easy to use;
  • predefined forms;
  • many settings;
  • demo sandbox is available.


  • the free version is pretty limited;
  • you will need a higher plan to have payment and third-party services integrations or submitted data collection.

Cost Calculator (Freemium)

🏆 Best for calculating the cost of services.

Formidable forms plugin

Unlike the majority of WordPress calculators that function as form plugins, this particular tool is crafted with a singular purpose to calculate costs, generate invoices, and handle payments and clients.

Key features:

  • beautifully designed;
  • easy to use;
  • the free version is very limited but still can be useful;
  • it works with variable products;
  • it can be a WooCommerce replacement for some cases because it collects information about orders and invoices, handles emails, etc;
  • the Woo Checkout can be integrated as well.

Pricing: free; the Premium starts from $39/year per 1 site.


  • powerful functionality for calculating the price and collecting payments;
  • WooCommerce, Stripe, and PayPal integrations;
  • support complex calculations;
  • offers a lot of pre-built calculators. 

Cons: all the pros above are mostly about the Premium version.

Formidable Forms (Premium)

🏆 Best for complex forms.

Formidable forms plugin

This plugin will be a good choice if you use forms for many purposes, and calculation is just one of them because it’s all about managing large amounts of entries, using different views, and tracking user flows. 

Key features: 

  • drag-and-drop form builder;
  • a lot of features (mostly on the higher plans) to build a website around them;
  • many templates and integrations;
  • the proper functionality starts with the Business plan, which costs $399/year;
  • the free version doesn’t have a calculation tool.

Pricing: the Basic plan is $79 a year, and Elite (the highest one) is $599/year. Introductory prices for the first year come with a 40-50% discount. 


  • the plugin is powerful and feature-rich;
  • it has many integrations on higher plans;
  • it has Views and Applications features to display submitted data on the front end;
  • it supports Stripe checkout, even in a free version.


  • it’s very expensive compared to other similar plugins with the same functionality;
  • a WooCommerce integration is available only on the highest plan;
  • Quizzes are available only on the Business plan (which greatly reduces the number of cases where calculation functionality can be applied on cheaper plans);
  • the pre-built designs are quite weak and need proper customization to look attractive. 

Everest Forms (Premium)

🏆 Best for beginners and non-eCommerce sites.

everest forms wordpress contact form plugin

This plugin is very beginner-friendly thanks to its interface, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not powerful. It offers a nice drag-and-drop form builder and almost 40 integrations. In spite of the fact that Everest Forms has a free version, all of them are available only as paid ones. 

Key features:

  • the calculation tool is available starting from the Business plan ($199 a year);
  • the fact that with all this variety of integrations, it doesn’t have WooCommerce support is a bit confusing;
  • form fields have a nice design by default, but if you want to add your own styling, either use custom CSS or install a premium add-on, which doesn’t offer so much customization freedom whatsoever.

Pricing: the plan with calculations starts at $199/year. 


  • it’s a very beginner-friendly plugin with almost no learning curve;
  • integrations are placed separately so you can see clearly what is activated and which functionality is available.


  • it doesn’t have WooCommerce integration, which makes payments impossible in countries where PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay (that the plugin has integrations with) are not supported;
  • the prices are on the expensive side for what it offers.

Calculator Builder (Free)

🏆 Best for advanced math calculations with static data.

Calculator builder plugin

This plugin is not another form builder, and it’s exactly what its name suggests. You create fields and then write a formula to get the desired result so the form values will be counted – as straightforward as it sounds. 

Key features:

  • simple but efficient functionality and interface;
  • premium add-ons and bundles of premade calculators are very affordable;
  • it doesn’t store results, emails, etc., and other data;
  • the results can be printed or sent to email, and forms can be stylized if the paid add-on is activated;
  • it’s created on Vanilla JS, so it’s very lightweight. 

Pricing: free; the add-on costs $15 Lifetime, and the price of bundles with premade calculators starts at $6.


  • it supports advanced math equations;
  • it’s easy to use and doesn’t come with unnecessary functionality if you only need a calculator;
  • the bundles with premade calculators for different industries are very affordable;
  • it has integration with Contact Form 7, so the results can be sent to the user’s email address. 

Cons: not detected for its declared purpose, functionality, and price. 

Bonus: JetEngine (Premium)

🏆 Best displaying calculated values in JetEngine listings.

JetEngine calculator dynamic function

Of course, JetEngine is much more powerful than just a calculator plugin, but its Dynamic Function feature is worth mentioning here. It pulls data from dynamic sources and shows summed, average, minimum, and maximum data or the count of items.

Key features:

  • great for displaying minimum/average prices, number of listings, users, etc;
  • it’s easy to use;
  • there’s a seamless integration with all the Crocoblock plugins, including JetFormBuilder, so you can display submitted data on the front end using over five view types, dynamic visibility, and send/receive data with REST API;
  • the plugin supports Block Editor, Elementor, and Bricks. 


  • you can work with any posts of any type on the website and pull data from their meta fields;
  • also, you can use only posts by a certain or current user;
  • the texts before and after the results of calculations, and the fallback value can be set. 

Cons: not detected.

Wonder how to use Crocoblock plugins together?
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How to add a calculator to my WordPress site?

Just use one of the calculator plugins mentioned above, depending on the site and goal you want to achieve. 

Can I add a calculator to Elementor?

Yes, depending on the plugin you use, you can add it as a shortcode or as a widget. 

What is a WordPress calculation plugin?

Most of the plugins that support calculations are actually form builders because, first of all, they should create input fields where user can submit their data. Not all the form builders have calculation functionality.

Bottom Line

Interactive calculators placed on a website are crucial for user engagement, but that’s not all they are capable of. They can be a full-fledged eCommerce feature and do the job from the moment the user fills in the information to the point when the order has been fulfilled, and the invoice is received by the client. 

If such functionality is what you need, the best choice would be JetFormBuilder (a combination of JetFormBuilder with JetEngine is recommended), Cost Calculator, or Calculated Fields Form. They are affordable and do the job perfectly. 

If you use a calculator for educational purposes or want to show an estimated price, the Calculator Builder might be the best option. 

However, if you use forms a lot on your website and some of the fields have to be calculated, there might be a reason to pay for Formidable Forms or Everest Forms.

JetEngine is a real powerhouse when it comes to any kind of dynamic data. In case you need to pull the existing data from posts, terms, meta fields, or even directly from the database and then make simple calculations, this is what you need.

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