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Elementor Widgets: What They Are and How You Can Use Them
Lana Miro
WordPress Digital Marketer
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Elementor Widgets: What They Are and How You Can Use Them

In today’s technology-driven world, websites are staple tools for businesses and individuals worldwide as they present easy and convenient opportunities to connect with audiences across geographical borders. Many website-building platforms, including WordPress, exist to help entrepreneurs and non-technical people develop websites for various purposes. 

Widgets were developed to combat this potential limitation. This article will examine Elementor widgets and how you can use them to your advantage while building your website.

What Are Elementor Widgets?

Elementor is a visual editor that allows website developers to design attractive pages on WordPress without writing any code. 

Developers can use Elementor widgets to customize the appearance and functionality of their Web pages and posts to suit their goals. Some of these widgets allow for the modification of page layout and design, including custom menus and action buttons. Others allow for adding marketing and eCommerce features to a website, among many other actions.

Elementor widgets are available in freemium and premium versions. The freemium version gives you access to the visual, drag-and-drop editor and a wide selection of widgets and style options enough to help you design posts and pages on your website. 

Elementor Pro version offers additional features like a visual form builder, a wider array of widgets, new design options, and support for dynamic content from other plugins.

Why Use Elementor Widgets

The most obvious benefit derivable from using Elementor widgets is the ability to develop and design websites without knowing how to code. Instead of coming up with endless lines of code, you can drag and drop widgets to create your website.

Another significant merit of using widgets is the different functions that they offer. For instance, you can make your website offer support to your customers through a customer service widget. Similarly, some widgets can help you increase customer engagement, and some can improve user navigation. And hundreds more offer various functions that can enhance your website’s appearance and functionality.

However, there are several other specific benefits that these widgets offer, and they include the following.

A vast library of widgets

Developing a fully functional, professional-looking website requires numerous elements that provide specific functions, ranging from text display to call-to-action buttons. These elements can run into a hundred or more for one website. Elementor widgets offer a vast collection that can help you achieve your desired outlook for your website while adding the necessary functions to make it fit for purpose, all in one package.

Extensive layout control

Elementor widgets give developers advanced control of their website’s layout and styling options. Page builders typically offer little flexibility with element positioning, significantly restricting users in the process. These widgets let you get some of that control back. With them, you can position your widgets exactly where you want them to be by using manual settings such as padding and column widths.

Mobile previews

Given that a significant percentage of users access the internet through mobile devices, any website developer worth their salt must be intentional about the appearance of their site’s mobile version. With Elementor, you can quickly see a preview of your site’s mobile version while working on the page. This feature can allow you to make relevant changes to optimize your website for mobile accessibility.

Easy revision

Making mistakes is an inevitable part of every creative process, including website development. With Elementor widgets, you wouldn’t have to worry about trying out new approaches since you can easily undo or redo your actions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What websites use Elementor?

Many website owners use Elementor. It has a ton of tools that make it simple to add content and create bespoke designs for websites. A drag-and-drop user interface, a unique content editor, and a large selection of templates are some of Elementor’s most well-liked features.

What are Elementor widgets? 

Element widgets are custom widgets that allow developers to customize their websites with relevant functionality, menus, and sections.

How do I add widgets to Elementor?

You can add widgets to Elementor in one of two ways: as custom content types or through the built-in widget library. The custom content type process entails creating a content type and downloading a widget file, which you then add to the content type you created. To add widgets as built-in widgets, open Elementor’s admin area and click on the “Widgets” tab. Then navigate to the widget you want to add, click the “Enable” button, and follow the prompts.

Where can I find widgets in Elementor?

You can find widgets by navigating to the admin area and clicking on the “Widgets” tab. You will find a list of all widgets available for your use.

How do I edit widgets in Elementor?

You can change an Elementor widget’s purpose, style, and other advanced options. Selecting an Elementor widget opens up three tabs: Content, Style, and Advanced. In the content tab, you can edit the functions and commands to customize the widget’s purpose. The style tab lets you control stylistic features like color, typography, and shadow. In the advanced tab, you can change widget positioning, layout, background, border, and motion effects, among other attributes.


Developing a website can be a tedious complicated process if you want to go the traditional programming route. But thanks to website-building platforms like WordPress that have grossly simplified the process, even people without technical programming ability can develop highly professional and fully functional websites in a matter of hours. 

Elementor is one of the many WordPress plugins that have further simplified the process for users and created an avenue for greater creative control with its vast array of widgets. With a proper understanding of these widgets and how they work, you, too, can join the league of professional website builders without breaking a sweat.

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