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Nominate FREE JetPlugins for the Plugin Madness 2021

Crocoblock is participating in Plugin Madness 2021. This is an every-year competition by Torque that highlights the most loved FREE WordPress plugins.

tor plugin madness banner

We are going to jump into the competition with two free plugins that work with Elementor and Gutenberg — JetFormBuilder & JetGridBuilder. 

Let’s show the power of the Crocoblock community! Nomination takes 1 minute, leaving your email is optional.

Step 1. Follow the link
Step 2. Name the plugin you choose to nominate: JetFormBuilder or JetGridBuilder
Step 3. Insert the plugin page URL
JetFormBuilder —
JetGridBuilder —
Step 4. Choose Marketing for the plugin type


JetFormBuilder — a plugin that lets you create, edit, and style any form type in the Gutenberg Editor.

JetGridBuilder — a plugin for creating wow-grids on your website in a drag-and-drop way.

Nominations close on March 1! Calling all Crocoblock people to vote ?