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Build Marketplace & Directory Websites with Crocoblock

Discover a set of JetPlugins to build a multivendor marketplace for goods, services, and projects.

199 129 per
199 per
use profile menu, provider rating, post submission form for marketplace website

Build Role-Specific Profile Pages

Create dedicated profile pages for different user roles and make them differ by profile settings and permits.
Customize the account menu items and account creation forms.

available profile settings in the account creation and profile editing forms

Adjustable profile settings
for different user roles

Use Membership functionality to designate user roles and
provide a separate signup form for each.

Build custom permalink structure for seller’s public pages
Set custom multi-step Registration & Login forms for each role
Add the ability to edit sellers’ profile pages
Add custom meta fields to sellers’ profiles and public pages
new ad posting form layout and active ads on the account page

Manageable account
content & ad units

Enable sellers to post, edit, delete, and hide specific ad units on
the front-end – all from the account page.

Add the ability to edit sellers’ profile pages
Make the ads editable and easy to manage
Allow seller to post ad units through forms
Add the option to manage ads visibility

Collect & Place Product Ads
from Trusted Providers

all sellers in a listing grid and single seller listing item layou

Informative seller public page

Make the multivendor marketplace a credible platform by
attracting reputed ad owners and promoting their
high-quality inventory.

Enable sellers to add media galore
Let sellers provide their additional details
Develop a Vacation mode for sellers
Add seller ratings and showcase claimed listings
Display advertised product lists
Allow buyers to contact sellers & leave reviews
 product details on the front end

Complete & detailed
product information

Add value to product pages by highlighting their pros. Photos,
descriptions, video reviews, and customer feedback will help
other buyers make purchasing decisions.

Add photo, video or gallery to product pages
Show more products from the same seller
Display reviews & comments
Create the terms & rules block
Add all-embracing product details
Output key points on the listing item

Build Fast & Convenient Sitewide Search

Make sure the coveted items are easy to locate among the remaining ad units. Adjust site navigation,
implement advanced search and multi-level filtering structures.

site navigation menu tabs and breadcrumbs

Intuitive marketplace
website navigation

Develop scannable site architecture and provide handy
navigation tools for buyers to purchase the right product from
the right seller.

Organize product items and categories in the menu via tabs & columns
Arrange content by author, date, tag, and category
Display product categories as grid, masonry, slider, columns
Add breadcrumbs for easy navigation on the product page
Create different menu and submenu types
Display different product types in one listing
Allow non-registered users to add posts from the listing to Favorites
advanced search feature and search results displayed in a grid

Implement advanced
search functionality

Allow buyers to refine the search query by excluding product
details they don’t need and narrow down the obtained
search results.

Sitewide AJAX search by any parameter from the header
Show two listings matching one request on the results page
Custom quick search and results display by relevance
Use a dynamic counter to show the results count/min price
Display search results as a grid, list, masonry on the archive template
active smart filters on the archive page

Apply filters
to display certain ad units

Implement advanced smart filters to help buyers comb through
the product range and find the needed items as fast as possible.

Set advanced filters and use multiple filter types
Sort search results as needed and handle applied filters
Filter by extra services like warranty, delivery & package
Make products split into pages & page load instantly
Refine search results by product brand/rating
Build complex filters and show products quantity
Create redirect paths and adjust permalink structure to promote filter catalogs

Shortcut to Successful Ordering

Buyer & seller communication via form

Add a contact form to let buyers reach out to sellers and further communicate via email.

buyer-seller communication form

& Testimonials

Add a dynamic reviews section for other buyers to see trustworthy feedback about products and sellers.

dynamic user reviews section

Automatic price calculation for Extra services

Add extra services like warranty, delivery, package, and create total calculation formulas.

automatic price calculation in the service ordering form

Recently Viewed, Favorites & Wishlist

Allow both logged-in and logged-out website users to save products they like to Favorites.

adding listing grid items to favorites

& Related Products

Interrelate website posts and add content sections to suggest relevant products to buyers.

related products section

Find the Best-Matching
Monetization Model Combo

Listing fee

Enable the website admin to collect payments per ad unit or after the free ads posting limit is

listing fee business model

Subscription fee

Grant access to basic functionality for free and specify a fee to be charged for premium features.

subscription fee business mode

Featured listings
& ads

Make the best listing spots for sale and let vendors advertise their products/services. Charge a fee for hot & trending offers, banner ads, etc.

paid ads and featured listings business model

Lead fee

Show seller/provider’s contacts on request and for a fee. This model is efficient provided that the value of the lead is high.

 lead fee business model

Woo, PayPal & Stripe payment options

Add WooCommerce, Stripe, and PayPal payment methods and make it possible to conduct financial operations through the website admin’s ID.

different payment methods on the checkout page

Developer Friendly Features

website layout on desktop and mobile


Google reCAPTCHA in the login form

reCAPTCHA to protect from spam

keyword search bar


available languages in the drop-down list

Translatable into 40+ languages

Discover Multivendor Marketplace
Scaling Opportunities

Zapier, Integromat, and Google calendar integrations

Third-party services integrations

HubSpot integration

CRM & Sales lead generation

 free and pro email marketing services integrations

Email marketing & mailing lists

Don’t Build From Scratch.
Use Dynamic Pre-Coded Templates

We’ve coded the hard things for you. Just pick a template, customize it, and a fully
working site is good to go.

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30 days money-back guarantee

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