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Discover a set of JetPlugins to build a WordPress booking solution.

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filters, search results, and user reviews for booking website

Display Properties as Dynamic Listings on Homepage

grid layout to display catalogs
Show сatalogs as Grid, List, Carousel, Slider or Injections
Listing Grid | JetEngine
displaying property by taxonomy
Display different property types
in one listing
Taxonomy | JetEngine
showing one property type
Output a certain property type
as a listing
Taxonomy | JetEngine
quick property search
Provide a quick homepage property search
Search Filter | JetSmartFilters

Set Detailed Filters for Booking Offers

different smart filter types on the front end

by any parameter

Check-in/out dates, location, budget, availability, extra services and more.

Add filters for Extra Services to the Booking form

Checkbox filter | JetSmartFilters

Show property types quantity relevant to any filter

Indexer | JetSmartFilters
map listing and additional providers combo

Present Search Results as Catalogs

Mix listings, find the best layout, and cover every booking task.

Display catalogs as Grid, List, Masonry, etc.

Showcase ads with discounts in the Injections

Show 2 Listings on one map

Add properties to the map

Make Property Pages Authentic

property single page layout and user reviews section

Build custom
property pages

Explore Dealmaking Opportunities

Shortcut to Successful Booking

Arrange the ordering for your WordPress booking system and let the guests pay in the most convenient way.

Create a multi-step form
in a few clicks

Break the hotel reservation form into easy-to-avail steps

Form Builder | JetEngine
arranging multi-step form

Integrate additional form

Add the opportunity to attach +1 Traveler info to the main booking form.

Dynamic Repeater | JetEngine
adding extra fields
price calculation in a form

Automatic price calculation
for extra services

Create formulas to figure the total based on the
extra services.

Integrate different
payment options

Add a WooCommerce checkout
to your site.

Payment integration | JetEngine
woocommerce checkout and payment systems

Sync booking to
third-party services

Automate bookings through Google Calendar, Integromat, Zapier, and iCal.

adding a booked item to third-party calendar

Let hosts & guests
communicate directly

Build a Contact form to streamline
communication both ways. communication both ways.

Form Builder | JetEngine
organizing host-guest communication

Manage Backend Booking Settings

Add availability calendar
to the booking form

Embed the availability calendar to let the guests pick any desired date range.

calendar with available dates

Set a minimum
lenght of stay

Choose weekly or daily bookings and set the
booking period calculation.

setting booking period

Set Property Rates
per person

Adjust how the total price will change based on the number of adults and children.

individual property rates
property rates depending on booking period

Set Property Rates by
the length of stay

Implement auto-deductible discounts to checkout and motivate the guest to stay longer.

Calculate total according to
the last booked date

Enable the host to choose whether to include the last booked date in the total or not.

rates with the last booked day

Manage bookings for
typical hotel rooms

Assign the number of possible bookings for the same room on the same dates.

Manage Units | JetBooking
booking same room on the same date

Establish Host & Guest Accounts

There are three available roles you can assign to dedicated user profiles, Admin, Host, and Guest.Adjust the permissions for every user role and tune the property adding and editing process.

login and profile editing form examples

Build custom
Registration Form

Add extra fields and elements to the registration form to cover the sign-up for various user roles.

Manage different User Roles

Build complex
multi-step form

Create custom
user-editable profiles

Set up custom permalink structure for host’s public pages

new property booking ad placement form

Allow efficient Property management

Let the hosts add their property ads to your WordPress hotel booking system via a clear-cut form.

Add any custom fields to the "Add Property" form

Forms | JetEngine

Additional Functionality

Try the additional functionality set that covers repetitive tasks and saves your time.

Organize the site content


Save time. Use templates.


Build custom popups


Start a blog


Style the website fully


Boost website performance


Add visual effects


Set up site navigation


Don’t Build From Scratch.
Use Dynamic Pre-Coded Templates

We’ve coded the hard things for you. Just pick a template, customize it, and a fully working site is good to go.

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