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Why Crocoblock is perfect for designers?

Are you a web designer looking for inspiration and fresh tools to create a stunning design of the page? Let’s have a quick look at the list of widgets having to do with the visual side of your website. Provided by Crocoblock they are to liven up your project and make it the cat’s meow.

Ready, Steady, Design!

Is your client a photographer, a painter, a designer or maybe even a make-up artist? Whoever he or she is, it’s always a good idea to share the result of the work in the form of a portfolio or a lookbook. This way it will be much easier for people to evaluate and ensure that your client is a total pro in his or her field! 

The Portfolio widget allows displaying images in the form of an image gallery. You are able to select the most suitable layout and customize the style settings to personalize the widget. Besides, the images can be sorted by their categories and zoomed-in if necessary.

Adorn the website with an attractive horizontal slider using the JetElements Slider widget. Basically, the sliders serve as breathtaking backgrounds to the content you share. Moreover, it is possible to insert a linked button in each slider and adjust varied settings according to your requirements. Just have a look at the sample below. You will definitely love it!

The following widget will be a perfect solution for a landing page where you display all the necessary information in one place. Meet and greet a magnificent full-screen Scroll Navigation widget. It covers all the displays and allows dividing the page into swanky sections. Users need to click navigation bullets on the side to scroll the banners. It takes around 10 minutes to create a website of your client’s dream with this widget! 

A headline is what the user reads first and here you have to be catchy not only with words but appearance as well. Assign names to the content blocks with JetElements Headline widget. It consists of two independent parts, which you can style separately and decorate with an icon or an image. Go to the demo page and take a look at the styling variations available. 

Light up your website with animation!

Why and when to use animation? Primarily to attract user’s attention to your client’s website from the first glance. Crocoblock presents exceptional animation functionality.  

The more layers a cake has, the more delicious it is! Don’t you agree? With the Section Parallax 3D effect, you can add multiple layers to the background of the section. Make them shift with a different speed in different directions on the mouse move.

The widgets on the page remain the same yet become more interactive with the Scroll Parallax effect. You are allowed to make the elements move along the page while the user is scrolling. Make the page look more vivid and fascinating by applying JetTricks parallax scrolling functionality.

Embellish the page’s layout with a visual eye-catching element, such as the Satellite extension included in the JetTricks plugin. It is possible to add a satellite item of image, text or icon type. Style the element according to your vision and taste and the page will look different, brighter and unique.

You can create an advanced website with an astonishing design of any complexity with minimal effort thanks to Crocoblock tools. And when all the projects are done, create a website of your own with your works displayed via the Portfolio widget!