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WordPress Pricing: How Much Does a WordPress Website Really Cost?
Anastasiia Usichenko
WordPress Copywriter
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WordPress Pricing: How Much Does a WordPress Website Really Cost?

It is believed that sites on WordPress are free. But is it so?

Yes, you can install and use the WordPress content management system free of charge.

But to create a full-fledged, beautiful and convenient website, you still have to spend some budget. Its size depends on many factors, which we will analyze in detail in this article.

How Much Does WordPress Website Cost?

Anyone can install WordPress CMS for free. It’s open source, so it’s easy to create a wide variety of web resources, from a one-page site to a multi-page store with many products.

But if installation is free, why would a website on WordPress cost money?

To create a website, you will need:

  • hosting;
  • domain name;
  • plugins to develop various functions;
  • templates for making design.

You will have to spend a certain amount on each item. And that’s what determines the cost of a WordPress site.

Hosting and Domain Name

The first step in creating a website is acquiring WordPress hosting and choosing a domain name.

Hosting is the home of the website, the place where all the information is stored. A domain name is an address where users can find you.

There is a vast selection of hosting plans. They cost from $2.19/month like Hostinger to several hundred dollars. For example, Kinsta, where one of the hosting packages, costs $1,500/month.

The price depends on the amount of space the hosting provider gives, the protection of the information, the amount of traffic that gets to the website, and various service offerings. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to avoid hosting costs.

A domain name also has a different value. You can choose something free. In this case, your site’s address will contain either the prefix .wordpress or a set of numbers and letters. It is not always convenient. Because users may not remember, and it will be hard to find you on the Internet.

A domain name is often included in the cost of hosting. And the price depends on the TLD (Top Level Domain) you choose. For example, .com usually costs more. But sites with this address look more professional and trustworthy. Such an address can cost from $30/month.

If you prefer other TLDs like .me, .design, and .biz, such names will cost less.

domain name searching
Source: GoDaddy

Some recognizable, simple, and exciting domain names are bought up for further resale. Sometimes they amount to several hundred dollars.

If you want to select a specific page address, but it’s already taken, don’t despair. In this guide, we’ve covered what you can do.

WordPress Theme

A theme is what defines the design of the website. It is responsible for colors, fonts, and visual effects. Therefore, you should choose a theme very carefully. But do not rush to order a premium theme for several thousand dollars. WordPress has an extensive library of free themes. Try them, and maybe you’ll find something that suits you.

themes in WordPress

If you still want something more interesting and elegant, you can buy one of the suggested themes. In this case, it is a one-time payment.

When you choose the theme, pay attention to:

  • the plugins it supports;
  • its adaptability to different devices;
  • user comments about functionality.

If some of the plugins you need are not supported, it will be challenging to implement the desired functionality on the website. If the theme does not adapt, you will lose a large number of users who will not be able to get to the site. And the comments will tell you how often the theme is updated and how it works after.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins are what give your website extra functionality. For example, if you need an application form or want to add a description of films, making such functionality is simple with WordPress plugins.

Plugins also have different prices. Some are free, a few have both free and paid versions, and several are premium.

Some plugins will charge you monthly or annually, and some offer a lifetime license. So everything depends on the choice.
For example, our most popular plugin, JetEngine, costs only $43 per year and provides ample opportunities to create a dynamic site structure.

JetEngine WordPress plugin homepage

Adding More Features to WordPress Website

If you need some unique design or functionality, you will need the help of developers. And their services can be estimated at several thousand dollars.

Also, this category can be attributed to the cost of search engine optimization. You will have to spend a budget for your site to rise as high as possible in the search results. It depends on how much work you will do on the site.


How much does a WordPress website cost?

The WordPress platform itself is free. In general, the cost of the website depends on what plugins, themes, and additional elements you choose.

One of the main expenses you will have to pay is purchasing a hosting space. This amount starts at $2.19 for the most straightforward hosting plan. Also, if you don’t want a .wordpress site, you’ll have to pay for a domain name. Again, the cost starts at $1.80.

So the WordPress website costs from $2.19 to $2000 and more.

Can I create a WordPress website for free?

No, you will have to pay for hosting. But it costs a few dollars a year, so your WordPress site will cost a few cents a month unless you’re using some premium setup.

What is the difference between a free website on WordPress and a paid, specially written resource?

No difference in functionality. A website on the WordPress platform is easier to maintain and manage. A website from scratch is much more challenging to edit and takes longer to develop.


So, let’s briefly calculate the expenses you will have to add to your budget if you decide to create a website on WordPress:

wordpress website cost

If you decide to order additional services for the development of functions, design, and SEO optimization, you will need to spend more money. But the amount will depend on the specialists you hire, so we do not include these figures in the calculation.

As you can see, a WordPress website can be practically free. So share in the comments, what is the most significant budget you’ve ever spent on the website?

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