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How to adjust the wishlist settings for WooCommerce shop using JetCompareWishlist

In this tutorial, we will dive deeply into the general wishlist settings for WooCommerce shop with the help of JetCompareWishlist plugin.

As you know, with JetCompareWishlist plugin, you will have a unique opportunity to create wishlists and compare tables with desired products, add wishlist and Compare buttons to the product templates.

From this tutorial, you will learn how to adjust the Wishlist functionality for WooCommerce products.

Adjust wishlist settings in WP Dashboard

To enable the settings for wishlist functionality proceed to this guide.

Now, after the preparations, let’s have a deep look at wishlist widgets!

Enable the Wishlist Button widget

Wishlist Button widget allows adding products to the wishlist. The widget can be added to the custom Single and Archive WooCommerce templates.

Wishlist Button widget

Step 1 – In the Content > Wishlist tab you can switch between the Normal and Added appearance of the button. In each one of them, you can customize the following options.

Wishlist Button widget

Step 2 – In the same tab in the Button Icon, you can select from the default images the one that suits your ideas the most. In the Button Label Text field, you need to put in here the name to the button.

Step 3 – In the Icon block, you should enable the Use Icon option to display it in the Wishlist Button. Choose the needed location for the icon in the Position dropdown menu.

Adjust the Wishlist Count Button widget

Wishlist Count Button widget allows you to show the number of products added to the wishlist. It can be added either to the header, or footer.

Wishlist Count Button

Step 1 – In the Content tab and so-named block you can select the image you like in the Button Icon dropdown menu. Here, in the button Label Text, you can define the lines that will be shown inside the Wishlist Count Button.

Wishlist Count Button

Step 2 – In the Icon block, you need to toggle on the Use Icon option and select the needed position in the Icon Position dropdown menu.

Step 3 – In the Count block, you should enable the Show Count option and specify the displaying in the Format field. these settings allow you to set the format more specifically for the count items added to the wishlist.

Step 4 – Here in this block, you should also select the needed placement for the widget in the Position dropdown menu.

Enable the Wishlist widget

Wishlist widget helps you to create a wishlist with preferred products saved by a customer on the page.

Wishlist widget

Step 1 – In the Content > General block you are able to enter your own text if the wishlist is empty. Also, you can set the number of columns (mostly, it tends to apply with the number of products to be displayed).

Wishlist widget

Step 2 – In the same tab, but in the Thumbnail block, you can set the preferable size of the image in the Image Size dropdown menu from the default options. Also here you can change the position of the thumbnail with the help of the Position dropdown.

Step 3 – The next is the Rating block, where you can you will select a special style for the rating icon among 14 different styles. Remember, that to showcase the rating you should previously perform some settings in the JetReviews plugin.

Step 4 – As you know, the Style tab allows you to customize the general appearance of the products shown in the widget as well as certain elements: the Title, Price, Rating, etc.

That’s it!
Now you know the basic functionality of the wishlist option and know how to adjust them for WooCommerce shop.

If you wonder, how to create a page with a wishlist, go here.