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How to enable logged in users leave reviews for products from front-end using JetReviews for Elementor

This tutorial features Review widget from JetReviews plugin. With it, you can finally enable the logged-in visitors to leave the reviews on front-end!

With JetReviews plugin logged-in visitors are able to leave reviews for the products right from front-end with the help of the Review widget. The users have an opportunity not only to leave text review but also to evaluate the products according to the criteria you have set in the back-end.

In this tutorial, I will uncover the way of adding a review form to your post with products and show how to use its features.

Appending and customizing Review widget in Elementor

Step 1 — Let’s open the post with products or any other services that can be reviewed by the users, and click Edit with Elementor button.

Step 2 — Then, find the Review widget on the elements panel and drag it to the post.

Review widget of JetReviews plugin

Step 2 — So now you can start to customize the reviews form. In the Content section select Post Meta content source.

Content settings of Review widget

Step 3 — The next step is to input post ID in order to get data from the post you have chosen.

For this purpose, go to posts lists on your WordPress Dashboard, hover over the particular post and you will see the address line with the post ID, like post=2221, at the bottom left of the browser. Fill in the Get Data From Post field with the ID and click Update.

Posts in WordPress settings

Great! The review form is added to your post and you are ready to set its evaluation criteria in the back-end.

Setting criteria fields

For this go to the default post editor, where you can see JetReviews fields.

Step 1 — Click Add New Field button.

Step 2 — Type the Title of the review and set the min and max values for evaluation of the product.

Reviews Fields of JetReviews plugin

Step 3 — After everything is set click Update and view your post.

Step 4 — Check out how it works, by setting random evaluation, filling in the corresponding fields and clicking the Submit Review button.

JetReview plugin overview

Consequently, you can view a block with information about your review which will be stored on the front-end of this page, though you can delete your review right here.

Stylized JetReviews plugin overview

Don’t forget that you can also customize the reviews form in the Stylе block in Elementor according to the page’s design.

Stylized JetReviews plugin overview

So, I hope this tutorial helps you grasp with this new feature of JetReviews plugin.