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How To Submit Crocoblock Affiliate Tax Form

How To Submit Crocoblock Affiliate Tax Form

In this article, you’ll find out how to submit the Crocoblock Affiliate tax form.

Since Crocoblock is registered in the US, we need to have our Affiliate’s tax information on file. We will use the information you provide with the best industry-standard practices and store your data securely. Also, please note that the information you provide in your tax form should match your payment details. Otherwise, we can’t proceed with payment.

Choose Affiliate Location

If you are still not a Crocoblock Affiliate, feel free to register and submit the form during the registration process.

In case you are an existing Affiliate, to submit the affiliate tax form, go to your Crocoblock Affiliate Account. Then go to the Tax Info tab and follow the instructions.

affiliate location options

There are two location options available:

  • US Citizen;
  • Non-US Citizen.

US Citizen is the one who:

  • Born in the US;
  • Born outside the United States with at least 1 parent (who is US Citizen);
  • Naturalized citizens;
  • Green card holders;
  • Tax residence.

Non-US Citizen is a person who is not granted US citizenship, Green Card holder, or “protected person“. It’s also any foreign corporation, business, partnership, trust, society, or any other entity/group that is not organized/incorporated to manage the business in the United States.

Choose the appropriate one and proceed with filling out the form.

Fill Out Affiliate Tax Form as US Citizen

All United States Citizens need to fill out the W9 form.

usa citizen tax form

Add your standard information: First and Last Name, Business Name optionally, Country, Address, City/Town, State/Province, ZIP/Postal code, List account numbers here (optional).

Then, choose the Tax Classification among 9 options:

  • Individual;
  • C Corporation;
  • S Corporation;
  • Partnership;
  • Trust/Estate;
  • Limited Liability Company – C;
  • Limited Liability Company – S;
  • Limited Liability Company – P;
  • Other.

After this, choose your Tax ID Type (Social Security Number or Identification Number), and pass your Tax ID Number.

Check the information and sign the form

Next, have a look at the certification section to make sure your information is correct.

Form W9 is aimed at identifying you as a US person, so it’s important to provide only correct information. Put your name in the signature field.

sign USA citizen affiliate form

After the affiliate form submission, you’ll receive a success message. If any information is changed, go to your Affiliate Account and re-submit the form with the correct information.

Complete Affiliate Tax Form as Non-US Citizen

If you are located outside the United States, please choose “I’m not the US Person”, then pick the Individual or Business option.

choosing non-usa person option

Individual Non-US Citizen

If you are an individual non-US citizen, provide general information first: Name, Country of Citizenship, Country of Residence, Address, City/Town, and Date of Birth. 

Optionally, State/Province and Zip/Post Code, Reference Number (alternative identifying information).

Then choose your Tax ID Type among 4 options:

  • U.S. Social Security Number (SSN);
  • Individual Tax Payer Identification Number (ITIN);
  • Foreign Tax ID number (find out your ID number);
  • I will not or unable to provide a Tax ID Number.
crocoblock individual non-usa citizen affiliate tax form

Business Non-US Citizen

Identify your business with the general information: Organization Name, Country (Location), 

Optionally, Name of Authorized Individual (showed in your tax documents), Disregarded Entity Name (read more).

business non-us citizen tax form

After this, choose Chapter 3 Status among 11 options:

chapter 3 status options

Then choose your Country of Residence, Permanent Residence Address.

Afterward, select Tax ID Type and Number.

Confirm the provided information is correct and submit the form. There is also the option to re-submit the form in case of any inconvenience or changes.

sign affiliate tax form

That’s it, you’ve submitted the Crocoblock affiliate tax form. If you still have any questions, feel free to drop a line to your Affiliate Manager.

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