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JetAppointment: Creating Single Service/Provider Pages


From this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create Elementor Single Page templates for services and providers.

JetAppointment is a plugin for WordPress that will help you create a website with providers and services. To customize and display them on the front end, you will need to create Single Page templates for providers and services from zero using the Elementor page builder, JetThemeCore, and JetEngine plugins from Crocoblock subscription.

If you need more information on creating a Single Page for any post, post type, or page, please follow this tutorial.

Also, click here to find out how to create the Service and Providers Post Types and set up the appointment. If you have done that, let’s move further.

Kindly note that the Service is the main CPT, and JetAppointment could function without the Provider CPT, so you decide whether to create it or not.

How to Create Single Service/Provider Pages

1 Step — Open the Theme Builder

Navigate to Crocoblock > Theme Builder in WordPress Dashboard.

theme builder

Open Single block and click the “Add New” button.

2 Step — Create the Single Service Page template

In the pop-up window, the template type is Single by default, and you’ll need to enter the template’s name. Then click the “Create Template” button.

create template

As Elementor editor opens, unlock the Settings block in the bottom left corner, and proceed to the Conditions block.

Here you need to apply a new Single Post Page to the post type. In the Post Type option, choose the name of the Service CPT.


In the Preview block, the Service CPT also should be chosen.


After setting up the Conditions and the Preview, you’ll be able to fill the template with content using JetEngine Dynamic widgets.

That’s how a Single Service Page would look like.

single service page

3 Step — Create the Single Provider Page template

Using the two steps above, create the Single Provider Page template. That’s how it would look like.

single provider page

How to Display Related Posts on the Single Page

You can find out how to create relations between services and provider posts at the end of this guide.

Drag and drop the Dynamic Field widget. Choose “Meta Data” as the Source and the Meta Field: “Related (the Provider CPT name)” in the Content block.

Enable Filter field output toggle and choose the Callback: “Related posts list.”

If you want, you can add links to related posts, so clients can click on the related provider and go to their page.

related provider posts

Then you could do the same for the Single Provider Page, but choose the Meta Field: “Related (the Service CPT name).”

related service post

You could add Single Booking Forms to your new Single Pages for Services and Providers. The creation and setup of forms are described here.

That is all about Single Service and Provider Pages. Now you know how to create them and what features to use to present the service at its best.