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JetEngine: Form Submission Message Settings Overview

This tutorial describes types of submission messages available in Forms functionality within JetEngine plugin.

Below you’ll find useful information about the purpose of submission messages, what information can be added there, and how it will be showcased in the frontend.

At the bottom of the Form backend layout you can find the Message Settings block:

messages settings

Their main task is to inform visitors filling in the Form about whether the form was successfully submitted or to notify them about errors that occurred. You are free to enter any text you’d like to be displayed as submission messages in the frontend.

Let us dwell on each of these messages in more detail.

  • Form successfully submitted – this message informs that all fields were filled in correctly and the form was successfully submitted.
Form successfully submitted message
  • Submit failed – input a text notifying about form submission didn’t go through.
Submit failed message
  • Validation error – add text informing that either one or more fields were filled in incorrectly.
Validation error message
  • Entered an invalid email – this message will show up when the entered email address contained invalid data.
Entered an invalid email message
  • Required field is empty – informs your visitors of the importance of filling in a certain field.
Required field is empty message

Now, you are familiar with the Forms submission messages and will be able to use them in your work, so that your site visitors could receive valid information and complete ordering successfully.