REST API & Custom Endpoints for WordPress

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A JetEngine feature that can substitute a fully-fledged REST API plugin.

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rest api working principle


Use case

Collect the student’s information on the Department site and display it on the main University’s site too.

WP REST API site to site data transfer

Site to site

Take the Custom Content Type data created on one site and display it as a listing grid on another site.

Use case

Submit a form on the Events site to attend JetEngine conference, and see the attendee data on the JetEngine site right away;

WP REST API form to site data transmitting

Form to site

Build a form on one site and create or edit CCT items on another site through this form as well.

Use case

Add the missing product or any other item to your site remotely with the help of the application on your mobile, tablet or laptop.

application to site WordPress endpoint

Application to site

Connect the third-party application to a site and create, edit, or delete the CCT items remotely.

Use case

Pick the Coming Soon Movies IMDB API key, query the data via Query Builder and build and then add Dynamic Table with the movies to the site.

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third-party WordPress API endpoint data transfer

3rd party API to site

Get the data from the API key and display it in the dynamic table on the site.

API Methods

Perform most often used HTTP methods on the certain types of requests placed to the server.

Rest API Features

create custom endpoint WordPress REST API

Create and control Custom
Endpoints for CCT

Fill up custom entry points that enable the Custom Content Type items management like creating, posting, editing, or deleting the data remotely.

connecting WordPress REST API endpoints

Enabling the Connection
with the Endpoint

Customize the basic settings to make the Endpoint connected successfully, test the authorization and fetch the sample data.

displaying CCT data through various grid layouts

Display data in a Grid

Showcase the data from 3rd party REST API using Listing Grid widget. Add meta fields to pull out the CCT info and apply Endpoint Parameters to query the Grid.

form data transmitting to WordPress API endpoint

Set up notifications for Forms

Add JetEngine Forms to the site and customize the REST API notification settings in order to send all the form data to a certain Endpoint URL.

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