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JetSmartFilters: Difference Between Checkboxes, Select and Radio Filters


This overview reveals the difference between Checkboxes, Select and Radio filters.

JetSmartFilters is a perfect tool, that allows visitors to find the products they need easily. This plugin has seven strong filter widgets for sorting publications and products. Each filter has its own specifics and functionality.

This overview explains what is the difference between Checkboxes, Select, and Radio filters and when to use each of them.


Checkboxes allow the user to select multiple options from the filtration list. The results of the sorting will include the items regarding each of the chosen options.

This filter will be perfect to list some features and allow the users to sort items according to the desired set of values. Filtering both products and posts will be convenient with the Checkboxes filter.

Checkboxes filter for product categories, attributes or custom filed values


The Select filter adds a drop-down list option to your page. The users can click on it, choose the option, and get the items that are assigned to that option. This is a single-option filter, which means that you can pick only one variant from the list. When you will choose another one, the previous won’t remain active.

The Select filter is the best choice when you need to show the items according to their relation with the list options.

Example of the Select filter


Radio filter is almost similar to the Select. It also provides a single option choice. The difference is that id doesn’t create a drop-down but shows all the options in the list. If you don’t have enough place on the page it could be better to use Select filter because it hides the options list. In other cases, Radio filter will be better.

Example of the Radio filter

Now you know the difference between Checkboxes, Select, and Radio filters. Choose the filter that fits your needs best and enjoy the results.