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Sub menu customization with JetMenu. Sub menu style settings overview

In this tutorial, you will find information about customizable Sub menu style settings available in JetMenu plugin.

Make the menu on your website look attractive and extraordinary. Customize the appearance of the dropdown sub menu according to your taste setting different options while using JetMenu plugin.

Styling a sub menu

Step 1 – If you want to customize a default header of your WP theme, you need to go to JetMenu > Sub Menu Styles in the WP Dashboard to get access to the style settings of the sub menu.

JetMenu Sub Menu Styles

Step 2 – There are two tabs, such as Simple Submenu Panel and Mega Submenu Panel, where you can apply different adjustments to a simple menu and a mega one.

Step 3 – Let’s explore these tabs, where you can find a lot of useful options for presenting the simple submenu and mega submenu in an eye-catching manner. Here you can set the background, borders, box shadow, typography and item description adjustments of the submenu panel.

Step 4 – Below there are three modes of the submenu: default, hover, active. You can change the design of the submenu in each mode by switching between the blocks.

default sub menu style

Step 5 – When everything is ready, click the Save button and admire the beautiful sub menu panel on your website.

Step 6 – In case you display the menu using widgets, such as Vertical Menu or Mega Menu, you can apply style settings to a sub menu via Elementor editor.

Mega Menu widget

Great! Now you know how to style a sub menu panel applying varied settings via the WP Dashboard. The sub menu will look sightly and as you wish with JetMenu plugin.