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How to Create a Custom Taxonomy Hierarchical Filter with Select Filter Type

How to Create a Custom Taxonomy Hierarchical Filter with Select Filter Type

From this tutorial, you will learn how to create a hierarchical select filter to filter posts by the taxonomies created with JetEngine.

Before you start, check the tutorial requirements:

Create Taxonomies for Custom Posts

Firstly, you should create taxonomies for your custom posts. To do this, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > JetEngine > Taxonomies and click the “Add New” button.

Add the Taxonomy Name and TaxonomySlug, and select Post Type to add this taxonomy to (one or several).

add new taxonomy directory

After that, go to Advanced Settings and enable the Hierarchical option.

hierarchical toggle

When you’re done, don’t forget to save the changes by pressing the “Add Taxonomy” button.

Create as many taxonomies as needed. In this case, we have created two different taxonomies for posts, so now we’ll be able to filter posts by two criteria, such as “Country” and “City.”


These taxonomies should also be connected to the same Post Type(s) so the posts will be filtered properly later.

Add Categories for Custom Posts

The next step is to navigate to your custom posts, open the needed taxonomy you’ve created, and add categories to it. For example, we opened the “Country” taxonomy and added all the needed countries to it.

taxonomy items added

Repeat the same actions for other taxonomies.

Attach Categories to Posts

Then, you need to open your custom posts, select the needed post, click on the “Quick Edit” button, and choose taxonomy options for this post.

quick edit button next to the post

For instance, we attach the “Wonderful France” both to “France” and “Paris” options from the “Country” and “City” taxonomies correspondingly.

To save the changes, press the “Update” button.

setting post taxonomy

When you’ve attached the needed taxonomies for all your posts, you can create a hierarchical filter for them.

Build a Hierarchical Filter

Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > SmartFilters > Add New

Complete a Filter Name field. Then, choose the “Select” FilterType and enable the Is hierarchical toggle.


Please note that filter hierarchy is available only for the “Select” Filter Type and only for taxonomies.

Click on the “Add New” button next to the Filter hierarchy label.

add new filter hierarchy button

Add a Label and Placeholder, and select the Taxonomy you’ve created with the help of the JetEngine plugin.

select hierarchical filter

This way, we add two taxonomies to the Filter hierarchy list. However, feel free to attach as many taxonomies as needed.

Depending on the order you set, the taxonomies will be located in the filter, making the first taxonomy main, the second dependent on the first selected option, and so on.

filter hierarchy options

Also, we set labels of the filter in the Filters Labels section and then push the “Update” button.

filter labels section

Place Hierarchical Filter on the Page

Now you need to open the page editor (either Gutenberg, Elementor, or Bricks) where you’ve displayed your posts with the Listing Grid block/widget/element and add the Select Filter block/widget/element to the needed section. 

In the filter settings, choose the filter you’ve selected before and apply it to “JetEngine” with the This filter for drop-down list.

select filter in elementor

You can also enable the Indexer feature in the Indexer Options tab. You can learn more about the Indexer option from this tutorial.

Once the desired customizations are made, push the “Publish/Update” button to save the result.

Filter Posts with the Hierarchical Filter

When you’re done with all settings, you can save the changes and open the page to see how the filter works.

select filter result

Pick the option in the first selector. Then, open the second selector to view only those options associated with the item selected in the first selector.

For instance, if we pick “France” as a country, the second selector of cities will contain only options defined as French cities. This is because all the posts with the French cities categories are assigned to the “France” category as well.

filter options picked on the front end

Now you know how to create a hierarchical filter to filter your custom posts created with the JetEngine plugin.

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