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Design Fast Listing Items with Twig for WordPress

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Get full freedom designing Listing Templates with HTML, CSS, and Twig for the fastest-loading dynamic pages in WordPress.

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Twig for WordPress and JetPlugins by Crocoblock

Build Listing Templates Like a Pro

Unlimited design freedom

Fastest page loading speed

Ready presets for a quick start

Easy installation in a few clicks

Create Freely. Build Easily. Render Fast

html templates in wordpress

Design any Listing Item layout with HTML/CSS

Don’t be limited by any page builder toolset. Design exactly what you want using pure HTML and CSS. Add Twig dynamic tags and filters in one click.

wordpress dom optimization

Have full control over your code structure and DOM size

Get rid of excessive DOM size caused by deeply nested and bloated code added by page builders.

code snippets for wordpress

Use built-in presets/third-party code snippets

Accelerate the workflow by using built-in presets or even ready HTML/CSS code snippets from third-party sources as a starting structure for your Listing Item design.

Try code snippets
twig wordpress plugin

Install Timber Library in one click

Twig integration requires a free Timber plugin to work. It's a WordPress library for Twig, which you can install right from the JetEngine Settings panel.

More about Twig for WordPress

How It Works

twig crocoblock jetengine integration

Twig is a template engine for PHP designed to separate front-end and back-end code to make it more readable, secure, and maintainable.

Compared to pure PHP, Twig has very little overhead, which means the best possible performance.

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Explore More Features

Discover unique and powerful features for WordPress dynamic content.

crocoblock relationship builder
Relationship Builder

Build one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relations between different objects.

jetengine dynamic function
Dynamic Function

Output the min/max, summed, average, and calculated values.

Crocoblock data store bookmarks
Data Store

Helps users to save posts to Bookmarks, Favorites, and Wishlists.

WordPress Experts Trust Us

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david denedo

David Denedo

I've started testing out the twig/timber, and I'm loving it so far.



Using HTML/CSS and Twig, you can create your own clean listing with the bare minimum of HTML markup and improve the listing performance.

dayle traynor

Dayle Traynor

Twig is a great template engine!



You actually listened and added the Twig/Timber View Type for Listing Items omg, that's amazing.

rebecca maor

Rebecca Maor

It is a HUGE upgrade to the listing grid feature. HUGE! and it’s not only me, i have read tons of other croco users saying the same.

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