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Data Store. A JetEngine feature that helps to save the featured posts to a certain depository.

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data store operation principle

WP Data Store Use Cases


Implement the bookmarks for your articles so that the users would save them to the ‘Reading List’ to access later with just a click.

Bring a bookmark-designed button to your Listing Item that would be in the Listing Grid posted on your blog page. By unclicking it, the post would be removed from the collection.

data store bookmarks

WP Data Storage Methods

Choose the most preferable data storage type for your site


Stores data until the Cookies are cleared

User MetaData

Works for every logged-in user only


Preserves the active server Session data

Local Storage

Stores data in the browser cache

Data Store Features

most viewed vacation rental items

Store any type
of CPT & CCT items

Turn any post & content type into a data store. Not only can you create separate collections of posts, products, and items but also establish several data stores on a single website.

Store WooCommerce products

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recently viewed books data store

Enhance Data Store
user experience

Create and configure data stores for both site regulars and one-time visitors. Make it possible to add/remove posts to a data store with one click or as soon as the post is opened and viewed.

User can add and remove posts from storage

Dynamic Tag | JetEngine
JetEngine dynamic link setup in Elementor

Allow users
to create the collections

Enable the addition of posts to data stores: set the Dynamic Link sources and show how many times a certain post was added to the store and the general number of posts in it.

books added to the wishlisht data store

Display Data Stores

Draft separate pages or page sections for your data stores and output them using the Listing grid widget’s various layouts. Enable the posts sorting if necessary.

Expand Data Store Functionality

Crocoblock DevTools set includes extra plugin Data Stores — clear posts on delete. This add-on cleans the data store when some post has been deleted. It means that if 1000 users add a specific post to their stores, and the webmaster deletes this post, it will be also removed from the users' personal repositories automatically.

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