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Elementor Not Loading

Elementor Not Loading


How to make the Elementor widgets panel work again?


If you happen to see the following:

Elementor panel with the loading circle

Please check out what Elementor suggests to do in such cases first:

Also, it is recommended to follow these 6 steps:

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard.

    Proceed to the Elementor tab. Click Settings.

    Then, in the Advanced tab, enable the Switch Editor Loader Method.

    The Switch Editor Loader Method in the Advanced Elementor Settings
  2. Check and increase the memory limit.

    To do this, you should add this line define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’) to the wp-config.php file. If you have the 256M right now, increase it to 512M. If you have 512M, increase it to 768M, etc.

    Please watch this step-by-step tutorial on how to do this correctly:

  3. Deactivate plugins that you currently do not use.

  4. Disable the widgets that you do not need at the moment.

    For example, to disable the widgets in the JetElements plugin, please go to the Crocoblock Dashboard. Then proceed to the JetPlugins Settings tab where you should find the JetElements menu item. Open the Widgets & Extensions tab and disable the widgets that you do not use.

    Available Widgets tab in the JetElements Settings menu
  5. Make sure your PHP version is at least 7.3.

  6. Check the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL).

    Open the WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to the Settings tab, here click the General tab. The links in the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) fields must be the same.

    WordPress General Settings

Please follow these steps and keep in mind that 90% of such cases are resolved by increasing the Memory Limit.

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