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JetEngine Form Shows Error on the Frontend During Submission

JetEngine Form Shows Error on the Frontend During Submission


I created the form and set it up but once I try to submit it on the frontend, the form shows an error message


Did you spot the following form error?

form fields have an error

The most common reason that the form does not submit is poorly set field names. For instance, the Name field must contain neither uppercase letters nor spaces, whilst the Label field can have both. Here’s an example of how you should not fill in the Name field:

improperly set name field

The optimal variations of the Name field are below:

  • _name – a single word that starts with an underscore;
  • _user_name – two (or more) words starting with an underscore and separated by it as well;
  • name – a single word;
  • user_name – two or more words separated by an underscore.

Please bear in mind that the underscore serves as space, so use it to kind of separate the words. In the end, your form fields should look like this:

correct form field names

Press the “Update” button and you’re good to go.

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