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JetAppointment: How to Add Event to Google Calendar

From this tutorial, you will learn how to combine the JetAppointment plugin and Google Calendar. This plugin allows you to create a button that will add an appointment, booked by the user, to his/her calendar.

When users want to book a service, it would be really useful to add that event to their Google Calendar. This allows the person to control the time and not to miss anything important efficiently. JetAppointment has functionalities that will enable you to add an “Add to calendar” button to any page and even to the WooCommerce order. In other words, in this tutorial, we will describe how you can synchronize the JetAppointment plugin with the user’s Google Calendar account. Proceed to this dedicated tutorial if you want to connect your website with administrator’s, provider’s, manager’s Google Calendar and Gmail accounts.

Creating an “Add to Calendar” button with the help of the Dynamic Link widget

If you want to place an “Add to Google Calendar” button on a page, the simplest way is to use the Dynamic Link widget of the JetEngine plugin. Open the page in the Elementor page builder and find the Dynamic Link widget on the left-side menu. Drag and drop it to the workspace.

Dynamic Link widget

Go to the Content menu tab and choose the “JetAppointments Booking: add booking to Google calendar” option in the Source drop-down menu.

dynamic link source

Type in another button Label and choose Field Icon from your computer icon library. If you want more details, check out our Dynamic link tutorial. Here’s how it can look like after some styling:

add to calendar button front look

NOTE. The button you create will add an event to the calendar of the account that is currently logged in the browser.

Adding an “Add to Calendar” button to WooCommerce order

An additional “Add to Calendar” button, placed in the order table, could be a friendly reminder and improve user experience. To add it, open your WP dashboard and go to JetEngine > Forms. Open one of the appointment forms and go to the Post-submit Actions / Notification Settings block. Open Insert appointment and proceed to WooCommerce order details. Click the “Set up” button.

set up woocommerce button

In the Set up WooCommerce order details window, hit the “+ Add new item” button. Choose the “Add to Google calendar link” option in the Type feature. Type in the Label and Link text, and hit the “Save” button. After you are done, click the “Apply Changes” button. Voila! The additional “Add to Calendar” link will appear in the WooCommerce order.

wocommerce add to calendar link

That’s all. You can now help your visitors add events they booked on your website to their calendars using the JetAppointments plugin.