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JetBlog settings overview

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This tutorial explains what steps you have to take in order to install Jet Plugins and picturesque templates using Crocoblock Wizard plugin.

JetBlog plugin allows customizing blog pages and enriching them with attractive elements. This tutorial uncovers the ropes of JetBlog settings block.

There is a JetBlog Settings section in the WP Dashboard > Elementor block, which includes varied options for settings JetBlog plugin’s functionality, such as Youtube API key, Smart Posts List: allow filters for post type, Available Widgets, and Editor Load Level. Let’s dig deeper into them.

JetBlog setting in Elementor tab in WP

YouTube API Key

Here you need to insert your own API key for displaying the time and duration of the videos while working with the Video Playlist widget. In case, you don’t have such an API key, you can create it by clicking the following link.

Smart Posts List

This option helps you to limit post types with the support of the Filter by Terms feature in the Smart Posts List widget. Select the appropriate items from the dropdown.

Available Widgets

There are all available JetBlog widgets, which can be enabled or disabled according to your needs.

Editor Load Level

Moving the toggle you can specify a certain set of options in the widget’s Style tab and improve your Elementor editor performance by selecting appropriate style settings fill level (from None to Full one). All in all, as you can see, the JetBlog Settings block presents different useful options for customizing JetBlog functionality.