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JetEngine: How to Import and Export Custom Post Types, Terms, and Meta Fields

This tutorial provides an overview of how to import and export custom post types, terms, and meta fields created by the JetEngine plugin.

If you have several websites, one day you may need to export or import the custom post types, terms, or meta fields that you’ve previously created with the JetEngine plugin to another site. In this tutorial, we will dive deeper into the details of how to perform both import and export for these parameters. Let’s get started!

How to export CPTs, terms, and meta fields

Login to your website’s WP dashboard and go to JetEngine > JetEngine Dashboard > Skins Manager. There you will find three settings blocks and you need to unfold the Export Skin block.

Tick the checkbox next to the type of content you want to export and hit the “Export” button. That is all, the necessary content is exported as the JSON file to your PC.

Export Skin tab

How to import CPTs, terms, and meta fields

Once again, login to your website’s WP dashboard and go to JetEngine > JetEngine Dashboard > Skins Manager. Now you will need to unfold the Import Skin block. Click the “Choose file” button, select the JSON file from your computer, and then press the “Import” button. Voila, the content is imported to the website.

Import Skin tab

Presets settings block

The third setting block of the Skins Manager is Presets. There are two options here:

  • User profile with editable content which configures user profile module to allow registered users to publish and edit posts;
  • The editable user settings page for user profile which adds a user settings subpage to profile builder with an editable user form.

If you need more details about these presets, check out this User Profile overview.

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NOTE! In both cases Forms and Profile Builder modules must be activated before importing.

Here you are! As you can see, it’s as easy as pie.