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JetSmartFilters. How to use Remove Filters widget

This tutorial will be helpful for you if you want to add an option to remove all the filters to the default using the Remove Filters widget.

Now you can add the Remove Filters widget of the JetSmartFilters plugin to the page with filters for taking off the active filters.

Using Remove Filters widget

1 Step — Working in Elementor

First of all, open the certain page with filter functionality in Elementor.

2 Step — Drag and drop the widget

Then, find in the left-side panel the Remove Filters widget and drop it in an appropriate place on the page.


3 Step — Customizing the widget

You will see the settings window of the widget right here. In the Content tab you need to specify the content source, which you want to apply the filter to, in the This filter for field. Also, you can select one the apply type, AJAX or Page reload, insert the button text and apply varied style settings in the Style tab.


4 Step — Checking the widget in action

Save the settings and go ahead to view the Remove Filters widget on the frontend.

Great! Remove the selected filter options with JetSmartFilters Remove Filters widget.