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JetBooking Overview

JetBooking Overview

JetBooking is a WordPress booking plugin for Elementor and native blocks editor. Its functionality helps to create the booking and rental websites where users can book services and pay for them per day/night.

Seasonal Pricing

Seasonal Pricing is a JetBooking feature that allows you to set a specific booking price for a particular season. You can add new seasonal prices in the post’s pricing settings. The available settings include a season’s title, price per day/night, and start and end dates. In addition, you can add multiple seasons and set different rates for each. To output, the seasonal pricing on the front end, create a booking form.

Weekend Pricing

Weekend Pricing is a JetBooking feature accessible from the CPT post’s pricing settings. It helps you to apply a custom booking price for a particular weekday. For example, the prices can be higher over the weekend. The available settings include the weekday name and a price field. To show the weekend pricing on the front end, create a booking form and add a calculation formula.

Pricing Rates

Pricing Rates embrace all the price variations one can set using JetBooking. They include a fixed price model, seasonal pricing (the price is higher/lower during a particular season), weekend pricing (the regular price is different on particular weekdays), and advanced price rates (the price changes depending on the number of booked days). All Price Rates can be configured in the post’s pricing settings. To make it all work smoothly, you need to set the automatic price calculator.

Manage Units

Manage Units makes it possible to add a custom number of units to the specific post of the parent custom post type. The feature is located in the Units manager section on the post-editing page. By adding units to the existing post, you indicate the same booking item can be booked multiple times by different users for the same dates. The available settings include the number of units, title/name, and actions – edit and delete.

Booking Forms

A booking form allows website users to book a particular booking unit. It can be added automatically at the last step of the Wizard Set Up or created manually using JetPlugins. A booking form typically contains the availability calendar with check-in/check-out dates, user contact details (name, email, phone), preferred payment method, and the action button. You can add more fields, configure the post-submit actions, connect a checkout page, make the form multi-step, and more.

Integrating Bookings with WooCommerce

The WooCommerce integration option from the JetBooking plugin makes it possible to use the WooCommerce payment system for booking. The option creates a connection between a booking form and the WooCommerce checkout. Such integration requires default WooCommerce pages and a booking form. Once the user presses the “Book” button, they will be redirected to the online payment page. If configured correctly, new orders will appear in both WooCommerce Orders and Bookings tabs on the WordPress admin panel.

Sync Bookings with Google

Booking instances generated by the JetBooking plugin can be synchronized with Google Calendar and Gmail using internal settings and third-party tools. You could use the Dynamic Link widget/block with JetBooking as a source. Another option is to transfer booked instances from Google Calendar to the website’s dashboard using the URL address in the iCal format. JetBooking is integrated with Zapier and Make, so you can sync the website and users’ Google accounts using webhooks.

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