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How to Set Suggestions for Posts Search

How to Set Suggestions for Posts Search

Discover how to set search suggestions for the custom posts on the WordPress website via the Search Suggestions widget or manually.

Before you start, check the tutorial requirements:

  • Elementor (Free version) or Block editor (Gutenberg)

  • JetSearch plugin installed and activated

  • JetEngine plugin installed and activated with Custom Post Type created and several posts added. If you have not done this yet, please follow this tutorial

Using the Search Suggestions functionality, you can place the Search Suggestion widget that outputs a standard search form. When you start entering text in the search field, the widget will look for matching search queries in the database on this website and display a list of queries containing the entered text, i.e., suggestions. To manage the suggestions, you can edit or add them manually on the Search Suggestions dashboard.

Add the Search Suggestions Widget or Block

The Search Suggestions widget or block can be added to a page (e.g., “Home” page), Header, etc. You can create a Header with the JetThemeCore WordPress plugin. To learn more, proceed to the How to Create a Custom WordPress Header tutorial. 

Open the page or Header in the Elementor or Gutenberg (Block) editor.

Drag-n-drop the Search Suggestions widget to the Elementor editing page.

search suggestions widget

Customize the widget settings according to your needs. Learn more from the Search Suggestions Widget Overview

Click the “Update” button and proceed to the front end.

search suggestions widget settings

Place the Search Suggestions block on the Gutenberg (Block) editing page.

search suggestions block

The settings are similar to the Search Suggestions widget. Customize the block and click the “Update” button.

search suggestions block settings

Proceed to the Front End

Open the page with the Search Suggestions on the front end.

search suggestions on the front end

When you enter a suggestion or click on a selected suggestion from the drop-down list, you will be redirected to the corresponding search results page.

To learn how to create the search results page with the JetThemeCore plugin, proceed to the How to Create an Archive Template to Display the Search Results tutorial.

search results page

I returned to the “Home” page and clicked on the search bar. Now it shows the new suggestion since I enabled the Show Suggestions on Input Focus option for the Search Suggestion widget.

new suggestion in the input focus

If I enter a misspelled search key (e.g., “frence” instead of “france”), it will show the “Nothing Found” message.

nothing matched your search terms

On the Search Suggestions dashboard, you can set the parent “france” suggestion to the “frence” so that when users will enter misspelled keys, the search bar will show the correct “france” suggestion.

Enter as many search keys as you want. Now, let’s manage the saved suggestions.

Manage Suggestions

Follow the WordPress Dashboard > JetPluginsSettings > JetSearch > Suggestions path.

The Suggestions dashboard displays the search queries (suggestions) list formed from previously entered real search queries or those manually entered by the site administrator.

All suggestions have the “Unassigned” Type for now.

search suggestions dashboard

To add suggestions manually, hit the “Add New” button at the top of the page.

Since all my posts contain the “Italy” name, I added the “Italia” suggestion and attached the “Italy” Parent to it.

add new suggestion

I pushed the “Add New” button. The “Italia” suggestion obtains the “Parent” Type.

parent suggestion

And the “Italia” becomes “Child.”

child suggestion

To edit suggestions, you can press the pencil-shaped icon in the Actions column. 

In the Edit Suggestion pop-up, you can rename a suggestion, change its weight (the bigger the weight, the higher the suggestion in the list), and assign or unassign a parent.

edit suggestion

Manage the suggestions according to your needs.

managed suggestions

Check the Final Result

Return to the front end. When you enter the misspelled suggestion, the search bar shows the parent suggestions.

parent suggestion supersede the child suggestion

When users click on the parent suggestion, they are redirected to the corresponding search results page.

search results page

That’s all. Now you know how to set search suggestions for the custom posts on the WordPress website via the Search Suggestions widget or manually.

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