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Dynamic Tables Builder for WordPress

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Part of JetEngine

Create dynamic data tables showcasing posts, products, users, terms, comments, and SQL data. You can display WordPress Custom Fields data / Listing templates in the cells.

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dynamic tables builder module for WordPress

Build Flexible Dynamic Data Tables

query addition and query data output in the dynamic table
query addition and query data output in the dynamic table
Creating a Custom Table
Adding Filters to Sort the Table
Building a New Query


Determine which data will be selected from the database and how.


Fetch the query columns and use them as frontend display options.


Preview the table content before adding it to the page.

Visualized data

Want to visualize the table data? Consider the Charts Builder feature.

Fit Any Data into Table Cells

podcast table columns

Podcast archive

Looking to create a podcast library? Create a CPT called Podcasts, add meta fields to it, then build a listing item to display the audio files. Next, add the podcast-related columns to the table and output the post’s name, date of addition, and a template containing the audio player.

Explore Modular Options & Settings

table editing interface
Select Raw Value / Listing template
Choose the appropriate callback for a value
Set the heading/cell width & alignment
Enable horizontal scroll for massive tables
Get data from custom fields & fetched columns
Style both header and body in the page builders
filtering the table data by certain criteria

Filter tables to get more precise results

Bring your visitors an option to narrow down the data displayed in dynamic tables. Filter by several parameters and add pagination to get neat results.

Unlock the benefits:

  • Filter by any type of data
  • Search through the table’s content
  • Sort columns in ASC or DESC order
JetSmartFilters logo

Tables filtration would be possible only with the JetSmartFilters plugin installed.

Display Dynamic Tables with
Elementor Widgets & Gutenberg Blocks

Benefit by seamless integration

Thanks to Tables Builder functionality, you can display the ACF, PODs, CPT UI, and other third-party plugin data. Showcase the WooCommerce products. Other integrations include JetReviews and JetSmartFilters.

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seopress integration

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