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Advanced Map Widget

This plugin is working with Elementor editor

Part of JetElements

Display locations with the Advanced Map Widget for Elementor. Pin the address of your office or any other location to direct your users.

$43 $26 per
$43 per
jetelements advanced map widget for elementor

Design the Preferred Advanced Map Layout

normal style advanced map layout

Custom map style

Want to apply a custom style to Google Maps? Just add a minified JSON file to the current theme.

10 style presets

Pick the desired map style from the Advanced Map’s library. There are ten presets to choose from.

Responsive height

Set the advanced map’s height for each device individually to improve the pins and tiles rendering.

Tweak the Elementor Widget Settings

advanced map widget settings in elementor

Pin width & link styles




Text color in normal and hover states

Explore Additional Map Settings

Map center types

Customize the map center by coordinates, address, and DMS coordinates.

Zoom controls

Output the “+” and “-” buttons that allow changing the map’s zoom level.

Street view controls

Drag a Pegman icon onto the map to navigate the streets in Google Maps.

Draggable map

Make it possible to fetch directions between draggable pins.

Initial zoom

Set the desired map scale in the way it will be shown to the user for the first time.

Scrollwheel zoom

Upscale and downscale the map using the scroll wheel.

Map type controls

Choose the desired map type between a standard Map and Satellite.

Fullscreen control

Make the map open in fullscreen mode on desktop and mobile devices, except iOS.

Sync widget content dynamically with JetEngine
Updates and synchronizes all content elements simultaneously via Query used as a content source, considering relations

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