Countdown widget for Elementor

Sow a fear of missing out, reap a higher demand. Use the Elementor Countdown Timer widget to heat up the atmosphere and make your customers buy more.

Increase purchase anxiety

Leverage Marketing Effort with Countdown Timer

Evoke urgency that drives actions

One tool can be enough to highlight any offer’s value and urge the customers to shell out. A laconic start-to-finish timer triggers a feeling of urgency like nothing else. Use Elementor Countdown to hype up what you advertise and inspire purchasing.

Сollect emails in exchange for a great deal

Announce the upcoming events and great openings the smart way. Grip the audience by offering a time-limited freebie—a coupon, discount, or promo code—for an email. A simple act taking so little time will result in further subscribing and quality leads.

Anticipate something together

Garner your audience to wait for something together. Spread the fandom vibes all over to quickly grow the subscriber community. On the cusp of the X day, pamper your subs with what they came here for—a timely “it’s-right-about-to-start” alert.

Boost website sales

Test-Drive Countdown for Different Formats

Holiday sale banners

Holiday season is the right time to drive more sales and boost profits. Elementor Countdown lets you craft a vibrant holiday-themed sale bar that can be put literally anywhere on the site. Glue it to the desired custom area or make it sticky so the banner always comes into sight.

“Special offer” pop-up ads

How to showcase special offers and best deals in a non-intrusive way? It’s via a pop-up. Choose the holiday design, formulate a clear message, and set the display conditions. Visitors are sure to spot your elegant “special offer” pop-up and appreciate the approach.

Catchy widescreen timer


Wind Elementor Countdown Timer

Easy setup & styling

We offer both fixed and evergreen timers to achieve every marketing goal. Set them up hands down and decide whether you want to redirect, hide the timer, or send a message after expiry.

Style your timer like a pro:

Video Tutorials

How to create and customize Countdown timer

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