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Build an impressive portfolio with the Portfolio Widget for Elementor. Showcase your work and experience with various layouts and presets.

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jetelements portfolio widget for elementor

Explore Pre-Made
Portfolio Gallery Layouts

grid portfolio layout

Choose the layout preset

Mix presets and layouts to bring out the noteworthy things about each project.

caption written under the photo

Urban shop fashion photoshoot

caption overlays half of the picture on hover

Street style fashion

zoom icon overlays the picture on hover

Urban Shop

  • Type: Showroom
  • Location: Amber Street, Philadelphia, PA
  • Shoot by Pop Studio
  • Project year: August 2019
photo gallery in the grid layout with a view more button

Present the portfolio items compactly

Assign multiple tags to the same image

Add a “View More” button to keep the portfolio neat

Upscale & Downscale Artworks Effortlessly

making the image full-size with portfolio lightbox

Enable the visitors to
view full-size images

Provide a better user experience and more personalized interactions through the Lightbox feature. Add nice formatting to the pictures you display and make them center-stage.

Customize Portfolio Widget Settings

portfolio widget settings in elementor
  • Customize typography settings and the separator icon;
  • Apply captions and pick a suitable preset type;
  • Adjust the background color in the active/hover modes;
  • Style the category filters and “All” filter label;
  • Apply image links and select their display mode.
Sync widget content dynamically with JetEngine
Updates and synchronizes all content elements simultaneously via Query used as a content source, considering relations

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