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8 Best WordPress Landing Page Creation Tools
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8 Best WordPress Landing Page Creation Tools

Landing pages are important tools in digital marketing campaigns. These pages are where prospects go after clicking a link in a Google ad, Facebook banner, or other places on the web. They capture visitor attention and drive a specific action, such as signing up, making a purchase, or filling out a form.

Landing pages are essential for businesses, marketers, and individuals seeking to convert online traffic into tangible results. And if you suspect your online business is not as effective as it should be, check out the best landing pages plugins for WordPress presented below.

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What to Consider When Choosing Landing Page Builders

To build effective landing pages in WordPress, choosing plugins capable of constructing the specific pages you need is crucial. The pages must incorporate essential components that persuade viewers to take desired actions. Such components are:

  • Compelling call to action buttons. Integrate attention-grabbing and well-designed CTA buttons.
  • Image and text styling. Utilize tools that allow easy insertion and styling of photos, images, and text for a visually appealing layout.
  • Lead capture forms. Include user-friendly forms to capture leads for newsletter sign-ups, reviews, or discount applications.
  • Email marketing integration. Ensure integration with email marketing tools to manage and nurture captured leads efficiently.
  • Payment processor integration. If selling products or services, choose plugins seamlessly integrating with payment processors.

When considering other plugin attributes, apply a similar approach as you would when exploring plugins for various purposes:

  • ensure the plugin comes from reputable developers;
  • select plugins with a history of providing timely and effective customer support;
  • opt for plugins that don’t cause sluggish page loading times;
  • prioritize plugins with responsive templates, allowing you to easily create designs optimized for various screen sizes;
  • look for plugins boasting an intuitive and user-friendly editor interface.


Consider investigating whether the plugins offer landing page AI generators. Despite the new WordPress AI plugins springing like mushrooms, having an integrated copy generator directly within the landing page editor can be invaluable.

Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins

HubSpot (Free/Premium)

🏆 Best for online businesses which need all-encompassing marketing tools.

hubspot landing page builder

HubSpot is a comprehensive CRM platform that aids businesses in managing client interactions and acquiring new prospects. A free WordPress plugin boasts over 300,000 active installations on, seamlessly integrates with the WordPress builder, and offers a convenient and user-friendly interface.

HubSpot allows for free landing page creation using pre-made templates or designing them from scratch. Its smart rules feature allows personalized display based on user demographics and search keywords. This enables targeting a wide range of users and ensures an optimized experience for them.

HubSpot main features:

  • user-friendly interface enabling easy customization of landing page layouts without coding skills;
  • pre-designed landing page templates for WordPress that adapt to different screen sizes;
  • 20 email templates;
  • A/B testing to compare multiple landing page variations to identify the most effective design;
  • ability to control which content is shown to users based on their location, behavior, source, and more;
  • live chat and chatbox tools;
  • email and traffic analytics.


HubSpot divides its services into five packages, or “hubs.” The Marketing Hub provides essential tools for creating landing pages, email automation, A/B testing, etc. This plan starts at 20$ per month for 1,000 leads. There’s also a free version available with 20 simple pre-designed templates and HubSpot branding. 


  • many advanced features that allow capturing leads directly from landing pages;
  • a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop editor.


  • the platform’s extensive features may require some time for users to understand and utilize fully;
  • advanced customization options may be limited compared to other dedicated landing page builders.

JetPlugins (Premium)

🏆 Best for freelancers and agencies looking for a complete set of tools for web development, including easy landing page creation.

jetplugins wordpress landing page tool

Crocoblock’s JetPlugins provide a robust solution for creating landing pages, enhancing the functionality of WordPress native block editor and Elementor. Unlike other tools, JetPlugins offer specialized plugins focusing on different aspects of landing page creation. For instance, JetReviews manages testimonials, JetPopup constructs custom pop-ups, etc. Each plugin excels in its designated sphere with maximum features. This toolkit empowers precision fine-tuning for your desired landing pages.

There are many Crocoblock plugins that you may use to build perfect landing pages. They all seamlessly integrate, ensuring exceptional performance without additional solutions. 

The All-Inclusive subscription comes with diverse design templates crafted using various JetPlugins. These templates can be effortlessly customized, providing both a head start and a learning opportunity to master the tools. Live demos of all templates are available on the Crocoblock page for reference. With Crocoblock, you can create any type of landing page that is highly efficient.

JetPlugins main features:

  • Craft compelling pop-ups from scratch or use a variety of pre-made designs with JetPopup. Use versatile opening events to display pop-ups effectively. For example, exit-intent pop-ups can prevent visitors from leaving your page without taking action.
  • JetFormBuilder allows building simple and complex forms, from simple quizzes and signups to detailed review submissions. With over 20 field types, create forms tailored to your requirements and style preferences. You can use after-submit actions like registering a new user, updating or creating a post, or even navigating to the PayPal gateway. Advanced conditional logic ensures automatic after-submit actions based on user answers, enhancing engagement.
  • Use the JetThemeCore plugin to design consistent page sections like headers and footers. Deploy them across many landing pages. Particularly advantageous for crafting multiple landing pages within your site.
  • JetWooBuilder helps you to create any type of eCommerce landing page. Create diverse layouts to showcase your products and connect your clients with popular payment gateways.
  • JetElements elevates your landing page design with a rich selection of widgets for images, videos, posts, buttons, and more. Enhance visual appeal with motion and animation effects, capturing visitor attention.
  • JetEngine links front-end and back-end data, introducing dynamic content and structures to your landing pages. Utilize custom queries to dynamically generate content and present it through versatile grids, enhancing user experience.
  • Choose from templates tailored for various purposes, such as one-page sites, landing pages, and multi-page platforms featuring mega menus.

Pricing: you can download some JetPlugins for free, while the others cost $15–$43 per year. To use all 20 plugins and templates, get an all-inclusive license for $199 per year.


  • a complete toolkit for creating highly functional and visually appealing landing pages;
  • a wealth of resources in the knowledge base to aid you in webpage construction, numerous YouTube tutorials, and a highly supportive Facebook community.


  • while coding isn’t necessary to employ JetPlugins, there are many aspects to master till you can use these tools at full power.

Leadpages (Premium)

🏆 Best for offering a variety of templates for landing pages in different niches. 

leadpages landing page wordpress plugin

Leadpages stands out for its diverse range of high-converting landing page templates. It’s easy to find the best solution for your business out of 200+ options, as you can sort them by page type, industry, style, and even color palette. All templates are mobile-responsive and feature different hooks for capturing user emails, including sign-up lists, quizzes, banners, etc.

You can also integrate Leadpages with powerful CRM platforms, like HubSpot, to use their tracking features. And, for sending your leads automated emails, there are integrations with Mailchimp, AWeber, and ActiveCampaign. 

Additionally, Leadpages features an AI landing page generator that will streamline publishing your work. It can produce dozens of headline and copy options letting you focus on page design or other aspects of a marketing campaign. 

Leadpages main features:

  • professionally designed templates for landing pages and entire websites;
  • split tests for defining the most effective landing pages;
  • integrations with CRM platforms, marketing services, and payment gateways;
  • pre-built alert bars and pop-ups;
  • many videos and slideshows for new customers;
  • drag-and-drop editor.

Pricing: the Standard Plan costs $37 per month if billed annually, and the Pro Plan costs $74 per month, offering more AI engine credits and three custom domains. 


  • creates faster landing pages than the industry average;
  • many landing page templates for every type of business;
  • 14-day free trial.


  • the customization features don’t allow changing fonts and layouts in templates;
  • no free version. 

SeedProd (Free/Premium)

🏆 Best for users who want a landing page builder tool with many design customization options.

seedprod wordpress landing page plugin

SeedProd is a powerful WordPress plugin with over 1 million active installations and an average 4.9 rating on Even the free version offers an exceptional ability to create stunning landing pages. SeedProd includes various features, such as numerous pre-built themes, pages, font pairings, block templates, and color schemes.  

Like most competitors, SeedProd has a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. But it grants users greater freedom to customize its pre-made templates, making it an ideal choice for easily creating unique landing pages.

SeedProd main features:

  • 150+ responsive landing page templates;
  • mini-map for layout navigation;
  • ability to add custom CSS;
  • many WordPress email marketing integrations;
  • WooCommerce blocks and integration;
  • easy to save and reuse blocks and pages.

Pricing: free, with a Premium version starting at $79 per year.


  • intuitive page builder with advanced editing features;
  • freedom to customize pre-built templates;
  • functional free version.


  • there are dedicated plugins that are better at some of SeedProd’s functionalities, like the pop-up builder. 

Instapage (Premium)

🏆 Best for collaborative teams creating landing pages for WordPress. 

instapage wordpress landing page plugin

Instapage’s WordPress plugin is a dedicated solution for crafting high-converting landing pages, boasting an impressive average rating of 4.8 on It offers tons of advanced features, making it one of the best landing page services. Its AI content generator makes split testing more effective by instantly generating variations of converting headlines, CTAs, and copies. 

The platform is an excellent choice for efficient and collaborative landing page development. It allows inviting collaborators or clients directly in the builder by tagging them in comments, streamlining the site-building process.

Instapage main features:

  • 200+ fully customizable page templates;
  • advanced form builder;
  • advanced conversion analytics and heatmaps;
  • AI landing page generator;
  • integration with all popular marketing tools;
  • ability to reuse your templates on other sites;
  • free 14-day trial.

Pricing: $199 per month if billed annually. 


  • allows visual on-page collaboration;
  • provides complete control over the landing page design.


  • pricier compared to most other solutions. 

Elementor (Free/Premium)

🏆 Best for beginning web developers who need the best free landing page builder with an intuitive interface.

elementor wordpress landing pages plugin

Elementor is an excellent choice for crafting landing pages. It boasts an industry-standard, user-friendly interface and many widgets catering to various purposes. With their help, you can build any landing page, from eCommerce to event registrations. 

The free version grants access to the drag-and-drop editor, basic widgets, and templates. The paid version unlocks integration with popular marketing and eCommerce tools, hundreds of templates, and advanced pop-up and form builders. 

Notably, Elementor now features an inbuilt AI generator powered by GPT-3. It can generate high-quality text, images, and even CSS codes for custom designs. This versatile tool allows a much faster building of AI-generated landing pages.

Elementor main features:

  • a form builder with 20 types of fields;
  • integrations with analytics, marketing, and CRM tools;
  • Elementor AI generator;
  • dynamic tags in all Elementor widgets to create different relevant landing pages;
  • pop-up builder;
  • animation and motion effects.

Pricing: free with a paid version starting at $59 p/y; Elementor AI Starter Plan is an extra $36 p/y.


  • wide range of advanced tools all gathered in one plugin;
  • extensive customization options;
  • ability to view and manage multiple landing pages in one dashboard;
  • 100+ website and landing page templates.


  • limited A/B testing capabilities.

Thrive Architect (Premium)

🏆 Best for ultra-fast editing of landing pages. 

thrive architect wordpress landing page plugin

Thrive Architect is one of the premium plugins developed by Thrive Themes. It focuses on building business websites, including landing, opt-in, product pages, and more. The drag-and-drop editor that allows design customization right on the main page, without the sidebar, distinguishes Thrive Architect from similar plugins. 

The abundance of landing page templates also contributes to streamlining the landing page creation. You can fully customize these templates to adjust every detail, such as block layouts, colors, and fonts. 

Thrive Architect main features:

  • 325 landing page templates;
  • convenient styling tools;
  • a choice of conversion instruments, including CTAs, testimonials, countdown timers, and ratings;
  • 30+ email marketing integrations.

Pricing: $199 per year.


  • intuitive front-end editing;
  • many landing page templates.


  • some landing page essential features, like A/B testing, are available only if you purchase Thrive Optimize plugin, which is an extra $199 per year. 

Woorise (Free/Premium)

🏆 Best for running quizzes and surveys to understand your audience better.

woorise landing page wordpress plugin

Woorise is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin for creating interactive and engaging campaigns. You can make contests, giveaways, surveys, and quizzes, incorporate them in landing pages, and grow your mailing list. Many customizable templates, including some basic landing pages, are available to start your marketing campaign quickly. 

Woorise main features:

  • easy-to-use editor with clean UI;
  • ability to fine-tune every detail of the landing page for WordPress by changing fonts, colors, sizes, and custom CSS;
  • publishing multiple landing pages to any custom domain or URL;
  • different types of questionnaires with conditional logic and instant email notifications;
  • support of all languages;
  • integrations with Mailchimp, HubSpot, PayPal, Stripe, and more; 
  • social sharing buttons.

Pricing: free version is available, and three premium plans are from $29 to $99 monthly.


  • creates beautiful and fast landing pages;
  • fair progressing pricing options.


  • some cool features, like the custom domain option, are only available to top-tier clients.


How can I build a landing page using WordPress?

You can build a landing page in WordPress using free WordPress landing page plugins and premium tools, such as Elementor Pro, Thrive Architect, or JetPlugins by Crocoblock.

Where can I create a free landing page in WordPress?

Many plugins offer free versions with basic features, such as Woorise and SeedProd. Alternatively, consider using the free version of Elementor.

What is the most expensive landing page builder?

The costliest landing page builder can vary based on features and offerings. Advanced plans of platforms like HubSpot or high-tier packages of Leadpages and Thrive Architect are known to be among the more expensive options.

How do I choose the right landing page tool for my business?

When selecting a landing page builder for WordPress, consider your specific needs, such as required features. Research reputable plugins and evaluate their ease of use, integrations, and pricing.

Sum Up

Landing pages are tools that resonate with diverse businesses being the last stage in the marketing funnel. Beyond online sales, these tools also offer transformative potential by persuading visitors to join your blog’s newsletter, unlocking discounts at a brick-and-mortar store, and amplifying awareness of your public activities. Now, let’s highlight the unique benefits of each landing page creator for WordPress we explored: 

  • HubSpot provides the power of a complex CRM platform to multi-scale businesses.
  • JetPlugins is a suite of tools with advanced web development functionalities fortified by reputable support. 
  • Leadpages is a plugin offering many templates you can search by industry, page type, and style.
  • SeedProd is one of the best free landing page builders with many design customization features.
  • Instapage is an optimal solution for collaborative teams creating landing pages.
  • Elementor offers a user-friendly interface, an array of widgets for diverse landing pages, and a content AI-generator content.
  • Thrive Architect has a front-end editor streamlining page building.
  • Woorise plugin offers one of the best free WordPress landing page builders.