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SureTriggers Review: The Best Zapier Alternative for WordPress?
Daria Zelinska
WordPress Copywriter
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SureTriggers Review: The Best Zapier Alternative for WordPress?

SureTriggers isn’t just another WordPress automation tool – it’s a powerful alternative to mainstream platforms like Zapier and Integrately. You can automate everything, from simple data entry to complex workflows, using this innovative solution.

Anyone can use SureTriggers, including eCommerce entrepreneurs, digital marketers, freelancers, and web developers.

In this review, we’ll present a comprehensive overview of the functionality, user experience, customization options, and overall business impact of SureTriggers.

suretriggers plugin for wordpress

Table of Contents 

How SureTriggers Works

SureTriggers is a cloud-based application hosted on It has a WordPress plugin that helps you connect your SureTriggers account with your WordPress site and plugins. 

It works on the simple principle of triggers and actions. When a trigger event occurs, it performs an action event.

For example, an action could be to send a WhatsApp message when someone fills out a form or update your stock level spreadsheet when someone purchases an item. 

One set of triggers and actions is called a workflow.

It’s easy to get started with SureTriggers.

Who Is SureTriggers For?

SureTriggers is specifically designed for businesses that want to automate digital workflows.

Most types of businesses can use SureTriggers to automate their work. It’s currently in use in various industries, including the following.

E-commerce store owners

Online stores that use Shopify or WooCommerce can use SureTriggers. It’s useful for passing information about orders, managing inventory, and nurturing customers.

For example:

  • Adding new customers into CRM/email marketing tools as they create accounts.
  • Send order confirmation messages to customers via WhatsApp.
  • Automatically adding order details to Google Sheets for analysis.

You can do a lot more by choosing the right triggers and actions for the apps you want to connect.

Digital marketing professionals

Digital marketers can automate workflows like:

  • Automatically sharing new blogs on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Add leads collected from contact forms into CRM applications.
  • Generate social media post ideas with AI and store them in Google Sheets.

Educational content providers

Online course creators and LMS websites can use SureTriggers to automate student enrollment, course material distribution, and tracking of student progress.

SureTriggers integrates with popular LMS plugins, including LearnDash, TutorLMS, LifterLMS, and others.

Some workflow examples are as follows:

  • Enrolling students into a specific course on your LMS platform.
  • Sending congratulatory messages upon course completion or passing tests.
  • Adding tags to contact in CRM tools when students complete a specific lesson or course.

HR and administrative teams

Human resources teams can easily connect the apps they use daily to automate repetitive tasks.

Employee onboarding, scheduling, internal communication, and so much more can all be automated with SureTriggers. 

Here are some examples:

  • Automate employee milestones (work anniversaries, achievements, etc.) on internal communication platforms.
  • Send and sign e-contracts when employees accept job offers.
  • Set up reminders for managers and employees when it’s time for performance reviews.
  • Automate the distribution of employee surveys for feedback on company policies, work environment, or team collaboration.

Those examples are just a glimpse of how SureTriggers can automate time-consuming tasks. We’re sure you can think of many more.

Key Features and Functionality 

SureTriggers offers a suite of features to enhance and simplify the user experience.

Visual automation builder

SureTriggers has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create automations. 

All you need to do is tell SureTriggers what app you want to use, set a trigger, and configure the actions. You can do all those things in the automation builder.

You can zoom in and out, duplicate steps from one workflow to another, and create automations however you like.

creating automation flows with suretriggers

If you have used a drag-and-drop page builder before, you’ll feel right at home with SureTriggers.

Integration with WordPress plugins and web apps

SureTriggers integrates with the most popular WordPress plugins, WooCommerce, Elementor Pro, and several JetPlugins: 

You can also connect with popular apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, Notion, Slack, and more.

suretriggers third-party integrations

Automate without leaving the WordPress admin area

If you mostly work with WordPress, you can use SureTriggers from the admin dashboard. You can perform the most common tasks within the dashboard, saving even more time.

SureTriggers is hosted on cloud servers and doesn’t affect site speed in any way.

suretriggers interface in wordpress

Advanced features: delay, schedule, branches, filters, and formatter

If you need to create more complex automations, SureTriggers can help. It has advanced features that allow you to develop efficient multi-step workflows.

You can also use conditions such as:

  • Delay: Introduces time gaps or pauses in automated sequences for controlled timing.
  • Schedule: Set specific times for automated actions for timed events.
  • Branches: Create conditional pathways, enabling different outcomes based on specific criteria.
  • Filters: Sort and select data based on specified criteria for targeted actions.
  • Formatter: Modify data formats to ensure desired presentation and consistency.
date formatting in suretriggers actions

Trigger button: one of the most useful features

The trigger button starts workflows with a single click. The button can be linked to anything and perform all kinds of actions.

For example, when customers click to sign up, SureTriggers will fetch their information and pass it to any application you set. It could enroll them in a course and automatically send a welcome message or email once someone signs up for a newsletter.

💡 Learn more about the trigger button.

trigger button

SureTriggers provides a straightforward dashboard, robust app integrations, easy-to-create automations, advanced branching, and effective management of existing automations.

It is nearly everything the modern business needs to automate repetitive tasks.

Multi-step workflows and data mapping

With multi-step workflow functionality, you can implement complex automation sequences across multiple platforms. 

For instance, a form submission on a website can trigger a series of actions, like adding the user to a CRM and sending login details via email or WhatsApp.

SureTriggers also has a data mapping feature that lets you specify how data moves from one app to another. This allows you to handle both static and dynamic data very efficiently. 

data mapping in suretriggers

Pricing and Value for Money

You can get started with SureTriggers for free. This gives you a taste of its potential without committing to anything.

SureTriggers also offers premium plans. These plans are tailored to handle more automations, more complex workflows, and larger projects. 

Pricing is very competitive compared to other automation tools like Zapier or AutomatorWP.

suretriggers pro pricing

Considering the wide range of integrations, advanced features like multi-step workflows, and flexibility, you’ll quickly see its value.


SureTriggers is an impressive, robust automation tool for WordPress. It blends extensive integration options, a user-friendly interface, and a flexible pricing structure. 

Whether you’re looking to automate simple tasks or more complex workflows, SureTriggers makes it easy. Is it really a Zapier alternative? You have to try and see for yourself.

It seems it has a bright future in the ever-evolving world of WordPress automation. As digital complexity and user demands rise, automation tools like SureTriggers will become even more important.