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Sites you can build
Basic features to create directory website structure
Custom content type by analogy with post and page. Manage the website’s content and make it structured.
Create the database tables storing CCT metadata. Query and export data faster to save server resources.
Group the custom meta fields to add extra information to posts, taxonomies, CPTs, WP user.
Сategorize the Posts Types, products and pages according to any clasification characteristics
Create and manage any global website data in one place like company address, or phone number.
Interrelate posts from CPT and CCT, users and taxonomy terms choosing the relevant type of relations.
posts only
posts only
Custom fields
text widget
date widget
time widget
datetime widget
textarea widget
wysiwyg widget
switcher widget
checkboxes widget
iconpicker widget
media widget
gallery widget
radio widget
select filter widget
colorpicker widget
posts widget
number widget
posts relationship widget
autocomplete widget
Multiply content for the post, product, single page to add one more guest, team member, social icons.
No info
Focus on Listing Item
Dynamic Image
Dynamic Fields & Meta
Category Tags / Badges
A personal data repository for every end-user. Store any post collections such as wishlists, favorites, likes.
Display Listing / Loop in various Layouts
grid layout example
masonry layout example
slider layout example
carousel layout example
list layout example
listing injection layout example
map listing layout example
Map Listing and Listing Grid placed to the same page.
yes, through coding
Bring more Dynamic Features to the Project
Set content visibility for the elements on a page, based on meta fields’ values, user data, and other rules.
Configure the visibility of certain meta fields, according to the dynamic rules you set.
Set the dynamic calculations to your listings to showcase the avarage or min/max, summed, count field values.
Display the post count, average reviews rating, or price per day/night from the meta fields to the widgets.
Show the child-related posts or exclude category term in the listing grid, map listings, advanced calendar.
Set complex queries on the backend and apply them to posts, users, terms, comments, SQL tables, REST API.Set complex queries on the backend and apply them to posts, users, terms, comments, SQL tables, REST API.
Display posts, products, users, comments, terms CCT and REST API data in a dynamic tables.
Add dynamic charts to your site with all the neccessary numeric data from posts, products, users, comments, CCT.
Custom Searches
Searches based on terms, categories, tags, and custom fields via site’s content faster with AJAX.
Organize the search results show up by relevance, specify the search by certain post types, terms, field key etc.
Customize the placeholder, button, appearance of the search results, add pagination and notifications.
Advanced Filters & Filtering options
search filter widget
rating filter widget
visual filter widget
radio filter widget
date range widget
check range widget
range filter widget
select filter widget
checkboxes filter widget
sorting filter widget
proximity widget
autocomplete widget
alphabet filter widget
After you type in the search request, it reloads the page and shows you the results list.
Gets the search results right away after the filtration applied without reloading the page.
This is the combination of AJAX and Page reload types. It doesn’t reload the page but the filtering parameters are automatically added to the URL, so you can copy and send someone the link to this page.
Display the already chosen filters, deactivating each tag, or all at once by clicking Remove filters button.
Improves the navigation through the products grid or posts by dividing the result of filtering or search into pages.
Combines several filters in a hierarchy to show relative path. Organizes category filter and its subcategories.
Adds dynamic counter to the filter’s options, hides or disables them if there are no results matched.
yes, via shortcode
Allows users to apply multiple filters and add the redirect path to the already filtered results page.
yes, with indexer enabled
Obtain the needed filter URL structure in the adress bar by picking Plain or Permalink options.
Use several meta field keys to filter the posts according to several meta fields' data. Use several meta field keys to filter the posts according to several meta fields' data.
Reviews, Ratings & Comments
Create a tell-all rating system for every product/service and let users rate them by the pre-defined criteria.
Stick to a rating system you prefer and display user reviews as stars, points, or percent.
Focus on the complete picture: total reviews, both reviews’ and posts’ average ratings, all reviews’ ranking.
Bring Likes/Dislikes into play and let the Guests change their Like to Dislike and vice versa anytime they want.
Manage reviews
Approve any submitted comment and review on hold, edit, undo approval or delete them if needed.
Decide who you want to leave reviews and comments – Author, Customer, Shop manager, or even Guest.
Allow users to evaluate the review, or get in touch with the reviewer by leaving a comment or respond to it.
Assign verification types: Guest, Customer, Manager to make it clear to whom belong reviews/comments.
Show reviews with real user data – name, profile picture, rating – and relevant stats on other pages.
Allow only registered users to leave products and posts reviews to avoid sharing non-related experiences.
Use reCAPTCHA v3 form verification to protect the site from fraudulent reviewers.
Form Builder
Set and customize forms with the help of various field types that can work with any kinds of requests.
Allows to add the groups of fields to the front-end form and count the value for every row.
Dinamic Visibility, Conditional Logic, Dynamic Calculations
Pulls out the form fields to the front end via Gutenber or Elementor page builders in an organized way.
Use the form's shortcode to add it via any page builder to the front-end.
Creates first level of data validation and guides the user through the data format shown as the masked input.
Allows filling the information in several small steps in the form and helps to organize the form better.
Allows users to submit media, images, documents, audio, and video files through the form.
Pick and set the needed Post-Submit Actions and Notifications Settings after the user submits a form.
Submit and edit the post with any type of the content by different user roles with or without being logged in.
Success, Validation, Error Messages, Required Fields , Personalized messages (shortcode, macros), reCAPTCHA v3 form validation
Saves all forms' entries into a separate database and outputs them into a WordPress dashboard.

JetFormBuilder includes all Form Builder functionality. Click here to download free

Advertiser Account & User Profile Functionality
Get all required fields to build a complete registration form with only one click.
Make default WordPress admin area accessible only for selected user roles.
Edit profile / account
Submit the listing with any type of the content by different user roles with or without being logged in.
Add Attachments/File Uploads (doc, pdf)
Upload Media files (Image and Video)
Admin Approval for Listings
Manage listings
Delete unwanted listings
Sets maximum allowed posts count to insert by user roles and adds "posts limit reached" custom message.
Data Stores / Browse the favorite (bookmark, wishlist) listing
3rd Party Services & Plugin Integration
SEO Optimization - Rank Math, Yoast
Multilingual Plugins - WPML, Polyland
Email Marketing - MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, or GetResponse.
via webhooks
Payment Integration
Supports popular payment gateways like PayPal
With Woo Commerce installed, you can collect payments using a wide range of payment gateways supported by the Woo Commerce plugin.
Developer Friendly features
Shortcodes Generator
Import and export the previously created CPTs, meta fields, terms, user info from one website to another.
Ability to create a set of Meta data and use it as a source for options in any CPT, form and filter.
Rest API
Updated: 22/03/2022

If you want to transform a website into a multivendor marketplace, you’ll need a solution that can provide the appropriate functionality range. Let’s compare five tools to define which will meet your needs better — Multivendor Directory Solution from Crocoblock, Toolset, Business Directory, and Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro (ACADP).

Elaborate complex WordPress multivendor website

Multivendor Directory Solution from Crocoblock comes at $91/year for one website and $186/year for unlimited websites. It includes four fully compatible plugins, supplementing each other: JetEngine, JetSearch, JetSmartFilters, and JetReviews. They cover basic functionalities, like CPT, CCT, Custom Taxonomies, Custom Meta Boxes, Post Relations, and Options Pages that save your time significantly. You can develop advanced listings, display them in various layouts, or even output two different listings on one page. With it, you can also configure advanced search and filtering systems (AJAX and Indexer included), enable review and comments functionality, manage reviews, and enable user profile functionality for the sellers. Apart from that, pre-coded dynamic templates that come in a pack with any of these plugins also allow effortlessly creating a multivendor directory website.

As for Toolset, whose price range is $69 - $299, it provides similar capabilities, except for Options Pages and Listing Injections. With Toolset, you can display two listings on the page only through coding. The solution offers dynamic functionality, but you won’t find Dynamic Function, Macros, or Charts Builder there. Toolset provides a faceted search system but lacks custom rating scales, like percents or stars and other review managing means.

Business Directory price range is $199 - $599, and it doesn’t allow you to configure post relations and doesn't have a Repeater Custom Field. It also has fewer display options but provides more review managing tools in comparison to Toolset for building a multivendor marketplace.

GeoDirectory prices start from $199/year and can reach $995/year. It has functionality similar to Business Directory. GeoDirectory doesn’t offer Dynamic Visibility. However, it provides the same review, ratings, & comments capabilities as Crocoblock.

ACADP, in turn, costs from $95 to $800 per year. It has more display options than Business Directory and GeoDirectory, but doesn’t provide a review and rating system.

Forms and users

Crocoblock’s multivendor marketplace solution provides advanced form builder and convenient user profile functionality. Besides, with it, you can offer the possibility for users to create Data Stores: bookmarks, wishlists, and other custom collections. Last but not least, frontend submission is guaranteed to add listings, upload files and media.

At the same time, Business Directory provides frontend submission fully but lacks multi-step forms indicator, user profile functionality, and Data Stores. In turn, GeoDirectory doesn’t have a form builder, user profile functionality, and frontend listing submission feature. Still, it provides Data Stores.

Toolset has wider form builder capabilities than Business Directory and ACADP. It also offers full user profile functionality but doesn’t allow you to attach DOC or PDF files, only media.

ACADP’s form builder is very limited. User profile functionality is limited, too - it implies only the registration process. Here you can’t also attach docs, only images or videos via frontend submission functionality. However, with ACADP you can allow the users to create collections, applying Data Stores capabilities.