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JetPopup Display settings. How to set the popup conditions

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This tutorial presents a detailed guide dedicated to setting display conditions for popups created with JetPopup plugin.

JetPopup plugin allows showing information in a bright, memorable form. You can create popups and apply appropriate display settings for them. Let’s dive into the details of the process of adjusting display settings for a popup.

Display Settings overview

Step 1 – When you create a popup or select a certain one from the popup library you redirect to Elementor editor, where you can customize your popup and enrich with needed elements according to your requirements.

Step 2 – To set appropriate display conditions you should click the Settings option in the left corner at the bottom. There is the Display Settings block, where you can define the display conditions and select who will be able to see the popup.

display settings of popup

Step 3 – Click the Display Conditions button and you will see the window, where you can set the pages where to showcase the popup. You can add as many as you need conditions for the popup. It is possible to include or exclude the popup on the entire site, singular page, post, post type or archives. When display conditions are adjusted, click the Save button.

display conditions for popup

Hope, this tutorial will be useful for you! Display popups on different pages using JetPopup functionality.