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JetSmartFilters: How to Use Alphabet Filter


This tutorial explains how to create an Alphabet filter using JetSmartFilters plugin.

JetSmartFilters allows visitors to filter content on the website easily. With the Alphabet filter, you can filter posts and products by title in alphabetical order.

Let’s find out how to create an Alphabet filter.

Creating an Alphabet Filter in WP Dashboard

Open the Smart Filters tab in your Dashboard and add a new filter. Here you need to type in the Name, Filter Label, and Active Filter Label for your filter.

In the Filter Type section, you need to choose the “Alphabet” type. After that, in the Behavior dropdown, you can choose between “Checkbox” or “Radio” type. 

The next step is to choose Options. Here you can add all needed letters from the alphabet.

That’s all. Don’t forget to save the changes.

NOTE. The filter will search only through posts or product titles.

Assigning an Alphabet Filter to products

In this tutorial, we’ll filter products, but you can also filter posts. The way of filtering will be the same. You’ll just need to choose the post widget from the dropdown in the filter. 

Open the page where you want to add a filter and drop the Alphabet Filter widget to the section.  

Select the filter you’ve created before and apply it to the needed widget. In our case, we’ll filter the Products Grid widget.

Fill in the other fields and do the styling. Now let’s check how it works.

Alphabetic filter gif2

Well done! Now you know how to filter your posts and products with the help of the Alphabet filter.