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WooCommerce. JetWooBuilder settings. How to create and set a custom Categories Archive template

From this tutorial, you will learn how to create a custom categories archive page for WooCommerce products using JetWooBuilder plugin.

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin for WordPress which helps you create and sell anything you like, from actual products to services and digital items. We’ll overview JetWooBuilder plugin, but first things first.

Once you’ve created several products, usually you’re good to go. But what if you have too many products to display at once, and you want to display the product categories instead of the actual products. Thus you enable the visitors to click the specific category and access the goods that belong with it.

woocommerce shop page

Styling up the product categories might be a very complicated task, that requires some coding skills. Yet you are able to work with Elementor in order to create the WooCommerce Categories Archive template using this intuitive page builder in combination with JetWooBuilder plugin.

Building a custom categories archive template

Step 1 — Firstly, browse WooCommerce > Jet Woo Templates tab in the WordPress Dashboard. Afterwards, click the Add New Template option in a new window.

jetwootemplates setup

Step 2 — Set the Category template and provide a title for it in the corresponding field at the Add Template screen.

building category template

It is possible for you to select one of the ready-to-use layouts to start.

In case you still don’t have the categories assigned for the products create them and fill in the descriptions along with providing the needed thumbnail images representing the category to the visitors.

woocommerce product categories

Step 3 — Click the Create Template button in the same window to proceed to Elementor page builder. Here feel free to use such widgets as Title, Thumbnail, Desсription and Count, that are made specifically for Category Archive templates and have extensive stylization settings. Mix and match them to get the desired layout of the category.

Note: You can enable needed widgets for Archive Category template in the WP Dashboard in the Elementor > JetWooBuilder Settings > Archive Category Available Widgets section.

archive category widgets adjustment

Step 4 — Navigate to the Settings block in the bottom left corner to access the Jet Woo Category Template Settings. Here you can change the template’s title, status, and, finally, manage the columns count to define how the categories will be shown in an archive.

jetwoobuilder category template setup in elementor

Step 5 — Click the Publish button.

Step 6 — Go back to the WordPress Dashboard and browse WooCommerce > Settings. Then, proceed to the Jet Woo Builder tab. Scroll down to the Categories Archive section.

woocommerce jetwoobuilder settings

Step 7 — Tick the Enable custom categories archive page option. After that, select a template you’ve recently created to set it as a custom categories archive template.

Step 8 — The last step is to click the Save Changes button and that’s it.

Now let’s take a look at the template you’ve just created. Go to your website’s frontend and check it out!