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Team Member Widget

This widget is a part of JetElements Plugin

Garner attention to your dream team. Create impeccable layouts to display the staff to advantage and tart them up freely

jetelements team member widget

Team Member Widget

This plugin is working with Elementor editor

Part of JetElements

Spotlight your team with the Team Members Widget for Elementor. Gain the client's trust by establishing a personal connection.

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$43 per
jetelements team member widget for elementor

Tell More About Every Team Member

Team Member Widget

Hammer out a unique team card structure

Feel free to juggle the elements and flesh out the card until it’s flawless. Integrate a picture, embed a name, position, description, add quotes and socials. The fun part: you can hide some extra details and make them pop out on hover.

Create Flattering Team Member Layouts

Team Member Layout Grid


Team Member Layout Masonry


Team Member Layout Column


Apply Hover Effects to Get More Personal

Team Member Hover Effect СB/W to Color

СB/W to Color

Colorize an image on hover to bring it into focus

Team Member Hover Effect Static to Dynamic

Static to Dynamic

Static to Dynamic — insert GIFs to highlight the personality traits

Team Member Hover Effect Photo to Text

Photo to Text

Add a personalized caption to any given photo

Design & Style Elementor Team Members Easily

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