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Exit-Intent Popups Anatomy Based on JetPopup for Elementor

The last chance to draw your visitor’s attention and keep him out of the fatal step is to use the exit-intent popup on your website. An exit-intent popup is aimed at the specific actions of your customer.
You can monitor the movement of the cursor and signals, indicating the intention to leave through JetPopup plugin for Elementor, which allows you to open a template when the visitor tries to exit or has been inactive for some time.

Exit-Intent Popups Anatomy Based on JetPopup for Elementor

So, in general, exit-intent popups can perform different functions according to their content:

  • stimulate sales “here and now”;
  • increase subscribers database when you provide a popup with a subscription form;
  • generate leads (potential customers), reduce the number of abandoned carts;
  • any other things you want the popup to do (persuade the visitors, ask them questions, etc.).

Table of Contents

How conversion popup window looks like?

Each popup should include several essential elements, ensuring it has the best influence on your website’s visitor as soon as he tries to leave. The following elements are necessary to involve and convert a client. Let’s look at each of them precisely.


An offer is the most important element of a popup. Here are some of the examples which work well in exit popups.

  • time-limited discounts and bonuses;
  • promo codes and coupons;
  • gifts and free downloads (the word “free” always works well);
  • information that the visitor will not find anywhere else.
limited-time offer pop-up template

In short words, the popup should offer your visitors something valuable and be simple.

Which CrocoBlock widgets can you use to make your popup more eye-catching?

  1. The Subscribe Form widget is used to increase a subscribers database to send emails to share the latest news and special offers.
  2. Time-limited offers add a feeling of urgency and work better than anything else. For this purpose, use the Countdown Timer widget, showing how much time is left before the offer becomes active. There are loads of style settings available.
  3. The Circle Progress widget can emphasize the importance of your offer. You can easily persuade someone to make a decision, showing the numbers (e.g., how many people have already purchased the service or the product and are satisfied with the results, etc.).
  4. The Download Button widget gets your customer access to the file you are offering for free. In a nutshell, you have to use the widgets which meet your needs.


You need a catchy title to:

  • Raise your visitor’s interest.
  • Announce your offer. The header usually contains the main benefit that the visitor will receive.
  • Entice the visitor, so that he studies the entire content of the popup window.
email collecting pop-up template

You can draw your visitors’ attention by making the title moving.

It can be done with Animated Text widget where you can find 12 animation effects. It’s important to choose the appropriate typography since sometimes the way your text looks defines the offer’s success. Make your heading distinct by highlighting it using a bright color, changing its weight, etc.
There is also a Headline widget that can be used in a very creative way. Each headline consists of two parts. You can place an image inside your headline, either in the first part or in the second, or even in both of them. Just go to the Style settings tab and find the Use Text Image toggle. Click it to enable this option, upload an image, and set its position.


Holidays popups

Once you have attracted the visitor’s attention, you have to tell more about your offer in just a couple of phrases. Some companies provide a visitor with the details of their offer, others give instructions on how to use it.

In this sample, the additional information is added at the bottom of the popup in smaller letters.


The location matters nearly as much as the content. Your goal is to engage the leaving visitor, persuade him to stay, and think more about your offer. For all this to happen, the visitor has to notice your popup. At the same time, you shouldn’t scare him off and poke the message right in the eye. Fortunately, there are lots of great popup layouts available in the JetPopup plugin:

  • in the middle of the screen;
  • either on the left or the right;
  • either at the top or the bottom.

The common position for an exit-intent popup is in the top left corner or the middle of the page so as it is more noticeable. Pay attention that you can adjust a popup container using the custom width and height options to make it fit into your page’s concept.
JetPopup provides you with such functionality as Open Event option, where you can select when you want your popup to open up.
For an exit-intent popup choose the Try Exit option in the Open Event dropdown.

There are also such open events that allow opening the popup when:

  • the visitor opens a new page;
  • if the visitor has been inactive for some time;
  • when the visitor scrolls the page to the certain percent;
  • on a specific date and apply a custom selector click.

NB: Do not make one of the most terrible mistakes – do not hide the Close button of the pop-up. If the visitor will not be able to close it, then hatred for the site is assured.

You can find the Close Button functionality by opening the Jet Popup Settings > Style > Close Button tab. Toggle the Use Close Button to Yes for it to appear and then just style it up.


These popups do not have to have a picture, they can still raise your conversion rates without it. However, vivid and dazzling images can enrich the popup’s content and increase the chances of a visitor paying attention to the popup window.

Use contrasting colors, e.g., a combination of yellow and black, pink and white, etc. It’s a good idea to shorten the message of your popup while using a bright picture.

promo code pop-up template

You can easily add a background image with the help of JetPopup. Just click the gear icon at the bottom bar of Elementor editor > Style > Popup Container > Container Background. By clicking the Brush icon, you will set either the plain background color or upload an image. The plus button gives you access to your Media Library. Upload the image, define its position, attachment, repeat and size. Try various combinations to find the most suitable one.
You can also use the Parallax option included in JetElements plugin to animate your decorative elements while moving your mouse around the screen. Read this tutorial to find out more.


Eventually, a good popup window informs the visitor how to get what you offer, so it just has to include a decent call-to-action button. Therefore, most CTAs contain a verb that defines the exact action needed. Indicate how many people have already committed this action, as this inspires trust.

cta discount pop-up template

The CTA button is vivid. You can notice it from the first glance. There is the Action Button widget by Crocoblock which adds CTA functionality to your popup (usually used to add Yes/No options for such questions as “Are you sure you want to leave” or “Are You 18 or Older?”, etc.). You can easily choose the action type, change the button text and finally add the URL.
There are several action types available depending on the action you want to implement with your button.

  • The Link option allows you to attach any link to this particular button;
  • In case you want this button to close the popup, select the Close Popup option;
  • It’s possible to leave the page after clicking this button by selecting the Leave Page action type;
  • And finally, the Close Constantly option allows you to prevent the popup from opening once again (it can be compared to the Show Once option in the popup settings, where you can even determine the Show Again Delay – the time in which a popup will open over again).
Popup Action Button

Moreover, let’s look through the opening conditions which can be applied to the popup template.

  • You can set a popup template to the Entire Site. Thus it will emerge on any page of the website. It’s undoubtedly the best choice for the exit-intent popup;
  • In case you want to apply a template to the specific page or post, select Singular option;
  • As well as single pages, the popup templates can be attached to the Archive pages;
  • If you want a popup to be seen for a specific group of people, use the Available for Roles option.
  • It allows you to show a popup only to the administrators, the authors, the contributors, subscribers, customers, or shop managers.

All the popup sample templates above can be found here. You can use them either with JetPopup or  Elementor Pro. There are also more than 120 popup templates included in the JetPopup plugin.


It has lots of customization options and you can adjust any element of your popup. Make it round or oval, play with the shape! Create several exit-intent popups and find out which one works better. Grow your business with Crocoblock.