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Popup Action Button widget overview


This tutorial is dedicated to creating a popup Action button using JetPopup plugin. It can help you to convert your visitors to customers.

JetPopup is the plugin for Elementor live page builder, which allows creating popups and attaching them to specific widgets or applying them to different locations.

With JetPopup you can add to the popup any content you need, change the popup block’s location and appearance, set the specific trigger events. Also, you have different options for adding popups to different widgets and buttons or displaying them in different parts of the site.

What is Popup Action Button?

Popup Action Button is a widget made for creating buttons that prompt users to make a choice. It is very intuitive and easy to customize and now we’ll have a closer look at it.

From this tutorial, you’ll find out about all the features of the Popup Action Button widget. So, let’s start.

Using Popup Action Button widget

Step 1 — First of all, open your WordPress Dashboard and switch to the JetPopup tab on the left. Here you can create a popup from scratch, use the template from Popup Library or just open the popup you have created earlier.

Step 2 — To get started, find the Popup Action Button widget and drag it to the section where you want to place it.

popup action button widget

Step 3 — After that, you need to navigate to the Popup Action Button widget’s settings. You can use the Link option, in case you want to redirect the user from your popup to another page. If your popup contains some information, and after reading it the user can just close it, then you can select Leave Page or Close Popup or Close All Popups options. Also, you are able to choose the Close Popup Constantly or Close All Popups Constantly options in order the popup won’t show up again.

action type

A great example is a button that contains Yes/No questions in the popup. After the user see the question “Do you want to get to know more about it?” and choose the Yes option – he will be redirected to the link that you have set in the settings block. And in case the user clicks No – the popup will be closed.

In the Button Text field, you can set an appropriate label to use for the button title. Also, if you are going to add a link to the button, you should navigate to the Button Link section where you can specify the link that will open in a new window. Additionally, you can tick “nofollow” option and the link will be inactive.

button text and button link

Step 4 — Moreover, you can change the style of your Popup Action Button in the Style section.

style popup action button

Step 5 — Last but not least, you can also do some customizations in the Advanced section.

advanced settings for popup action button

Step 6 — Now, click the Update button, proceed to the front-end and enjoy the results!


Congrats! So, as you can see, the Popup Action Button widget is a really useful widget and it can help you to make your website more attractive and popular. Feel free to know more about JetPopups from our tutorials to make your site really attractive!